Descendants of Cashier/Casciere (Italy)





Cashier/Casciere-The families noted by the above surname originated in the town of Collelongo, Province of L'Aquila. The immediate area is called "La Marsica", named for the Marsi, an ancient Italian people who gave the Romansa run for the money in the early days of the Roman Republic in the fifth century. There are also many members of these two families still in Italy, who live in Collelongo, Avezzano and Rome (Guglielmi, or "Fanfarese", and Casciere, or "Catena" according to the nicknames given to branches of families in Abbruzzi).


According to some research done in Collelongo and in general with names in the area,

the name Casciere is a name rooted in a craft or trade, in this case, a cheesemaker - Latin: casearius. That is one of the explanations I have seen. The nickname for this particular branch

of the Casciere in Italy is "Catena", or "the Chain".  If you know much about names in Abruzzi,

you will find it easier to identify people by their "sopranome" rather than their formal last name.

(Information by Neil Crowley)



Generation 1



1 ANTHONY MARIO CASHIER, SR. was born in Italy.  He married MARIE ?.  They lived in Blairsville, PA.

   *Note: ANTHONY CASHIER, SR.  was a railroad worker, and moved to Syracuse, NY in 1920s.


              Children of ANTHONY CASHIER and MARIE ?:


               2    i      AMELIO  

              2   ii       ANTHONY, JR.  b. July 22, 1910   d. January 11, 1998 

              2  iii       CARL (lives in FL)

              2  iv       ARMOND P.   b. 1912   d. 1983, buried in Collamer Cemetery, DeWitt, NY

              2   v       RICHARD E.   b. 1917   d. 1990 Troy, NY buried in Collamer Cemetery, DeWitt, NY

              2  vi       ELVIRA

              2 vii       HELEN MARIE   b. 1920s?  d. 1950s? (34 at time of death, died of leukemia)

              2viii       ARTHUR

              2vix        GENE



Generation 2



2iv  ARMOND CASHIER (ANTHONY 1 CASHIER) married JENNIE ? (b. 1913).



2v  RICHARD E. CASHIER (ANTHONY 1 CASHIER) married RUTH L. ? (b. 1923  d. 1986).






2vii  HELEN CASHIER (ANTHONY 1 CASHIER) married HARRY WILLIAM DYKES (b. 1915 Pulaski Cty., KY  d. 993 Syracuse, NY) in Syracuse, NY.  HARRY DYKES is the son of ARCHIBALD DYKES and NANNIE NEELY.

*Note:  For HARRY DYKES, see DYKES genealogy.  For NANNIE NEELY, see NEELY genealogy.  


            Children of HELEN CASHIER and HARRY DYKES:


            3  iv          LIVING DAUGHTER   b. Oct. 24, 1945  


  2 vi  HELEN CASHIER (ANTHONY 1 CASHIER) had a son, JOHN DYKES, born in the 1950’s, adopted by her sister
          ELVIRA FITTEN and renamed.





Additional Notes: 


Joseph Cashier was born Giuseppe Casciere (uncle to Anthony Cashier, Sr.) in Collelongo, Abruzzi, L’Aquile Italy c.1886.  (died in 1972). He immigrated in 1903 to the US and and settled in the coal mining hills of Pennsylvania.  According to a ship manifest for the Weimar, Giuseppe Casciere (Joseph Cashier) arrived in New York from Naples, Italy on March 13, 1903.  He was reported to be 16 years old and from the Collelongo area.  Joseph Cashier was recruited as part of a labor gang brought over to work in the coalmines of Western Pennsylvania, in the area of Blairsville, east of Pittsburgh. He spent one day in the mines, walked out and went to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad, from which he retired in 1946.  Joseph Cashier was the only member of his family to leave Collelongo; however there were other members of Joseph’s wife’s family (also the Casciere, or "Cashier" family), who subsequently came over to Pennsylvania and lived in Farrell, PA, a small steel town north of Pittsburgh.  Joseph Cashier had five children, 1 male, 4 female, all of which were named for members of the Savoia royal family of the early 1900's. Today there are descendants of this family scattered from Florida to New York, out to Arizona. There also remain still in Italy many members of these two families, who live in Collelongo, Avezzano and Rome (Guglielmi, or "Fanfarese", and Casciere, or "Catena" according to the nicknames given to branches of families in Abbruzzi).


Children of Joseph Cashier and ?:


Daughter (married Francis Crowley)

Daughter (married Donald R. Stevenson)

Frank J. Cashier

Marie Cashier b. 1910  d. Jan. 27, 1970 Syracuse NY, buried at Assumption Cemetery married John G. Schermerhorn


(Death Notice for Marie Cashier Schermerhorn)

Mrs. Marie Cashier Schermerhorn, 60, 121 Chatham Rd., Jan. 27, 1970. Surviving are her husband. John G. Schermerhorn; two daughters, Mrs. Peter Amish and Mrs. Joseph Randall; a son, John J. Schermerhorn; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cashier; two sisters, Mrs. Francis Crowley and Mrs. Donald R. Stevenson; a brother, Frank J. Cashier; two grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be conducted Friday 8.45 A.M. in the Pirro & Sons Funeral Home, and 9:30 A.M. in Our Lady of Pompei Church. Burial Assumption Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home, 514 Turtle St. (corner of Carbon St.), Thursday 3 to 4 and 7 to 9 P.M.)


Children of Marie Cashier and John Schermerhorn:


Daughter (married Peter Amish)

John J. Schermerhorn


Daughter (married Joseph Randall)



Additonal Notes:


Source: Syracuse's Herald-Journal newspaper, Wedensday of January 28, 1970 on page 34 in 1st column. 


Albert Cashier, who was born Jennie Hodgers in Clogher Head, Ireland, approx. 1843. She came to America in the 1850s, worked as a farmhand in Boone County, and enlisted in 1862 in Co. G of the 95th Illinois. Post-war she lived in Livingston County. Her gender was not discovered until 1911, shortly before the end of her life. Please contact me if you have any further information on her life, or sources in which I could find the same.  Cashier was a soldier of Co. G of the 95th Illinois Infantry who enlisted from Belvidere, Illinois. Cashier was later found to be a woman named Jennie Hodges.


Additional Notes:


Maria Grazia Casciere, she left Collelongo, Italy after marrying Giuseppe Guglielmi "Fanfarese".  She died in Blairsville, PA in 1971.