Our Dyches/Dykes Descendants(England)








Generation 1

1 i  JAMES DYCHES (Dyche) (b. 1750 Greenbrier Co., VA  d. abt. 1825 in Greenbrier Co. VA) married 1. ELIZABETH LOWRY (LOWERY?) in Greenbrier Co., VA (now WVA).*Note: For JAMES DYCHES, see Footnote 3. JAMES DYCHES may have been married three times. The L.D.S. Church records a daughter, Nellie, born to James Dyches and Elizabeth Lowery in 1764 in Greenbrier Co., VA  This could be one of those teenage "shotgun" weddings that did not last. Based on the life style he lived as an adult, this kind of a marriage would not be surprising. 

1 i  JAMES DYCHES (Dyche) married 2. ELIZABETH ROOMS (b. 1771 Greenbrier Co., VA (now WVA) d. bef. 1830 Greenbrier Co., VA) in 1771 in VA.  


2     i      Jesse   b. abt 1772-3 Greenbrier or Northumberland Co., VA  d. 1835 Clairborne Co., TN
2    ii      Mary   b. abt 1775 Greenbrier Co., VA   d. before 1840  Greenbrier Co., VA
2   iii      Thomas   b. abt 1776
2   iv      Elijah   b. abt. 1788 Greenbrier Co., VA   d. aft. 1850
2    v      William   b. 1778 Greenbrier Co., VA   d. abt 1863 Pulaski Co., KY
2   vi      Nancy   b. abt 1783  d. 1791-1884
2  vii      John   b. abt 1785  d. 1786-1875 (Following unconfirmed listing for JOHN DYCHES, b. ABT 1786, Greenbrier Co., VA; m. (1)  CHRISTINA COMER, March 5, 1807, Greenbrier Co., VA; m. (2) BARBARA MORGAN, June 16, 1816, Greenbrier Co., VA; m. (3) EVE LEGG, August 29, 1816, Greenbrier Co., VA.
2 viii      Richard   b. abt 1790-5 Greenbrier Co., VA   d. May 18, 1844 Greenbrier Co., VA

1ii  Thomas Dyches (Dyche) (b. abt 1774)



1iii  Eleanor Dyches (Dyche) (b. abt. 1763) married James Gregory on September 1, 1788 in Greenbrier Co., VA (now WVA).



Generation 2



2 i  Jesse Dyches (James 1 Dyches) married 1. Elizabeth Ward on February 6, 1794 in  Greenbrier Co., VA. *Note: JESSE DYCHES was on the 1799 Greenbrier County, Virginia tax rolls. It is not known when JESSE DYCHES and his family moved to Tennessee. It was most likely soon after 1799. He married in 1794. In the 1780s the eastern part of Tennessee where he settled was at war with the Indians much of the time. It was a dangerous place to bring a young bride. By the time he arrived, most of the major fighting had stopped but the danger was still there.




3  i         JESSE JR.   b. July 13, 1800  d. Dec. 12, 1893 Mercer Co., MO

3 ii         William   b. Dec. 3, 1807? Clairborne Co, TN

3iii         Emma Setta

3iv         JAMES S.   b. 1812, Anderson Co., TN   d. Oct. 11, 1895, Mercer Co., MO

3 v         PETER  b. abt. 1814, Clairborne, Co, TN m. SALLIE ?.


2 i  Jesse Dyches (James 1 Dyches) married 2. Mary Jane Foster.


              Children of Jesse Dyches and Mary Jane Foster:


              3vi         Charles   b.  Feb. 22, 1827?



2 ii  Mary Dyches (James 1 Dyches) married David Jameson on Jan. 11, 1795 Greenbrier Co., VA (now WVA.)

*Note:  MARY DYCHES died at a relatively young age.  DAVID JAMESON (JAMISON)’S family might have been friends with the Dyches' because James Jamison put up a bond to the court to assure that Richard Dyche, Mary's brother, would appear. Richard's reputation made this a risky gesture.



2 iv  Elijah  Dyches (James 1 Dyches) married MARTHA (PATSEY?) abt. 1814 in Greenbrier Co., VA.

*Note: ELIJAH DYCHES: A notation in the file says he may have married in Monroe Co., VA but he was in Greenbrier Co., WVA in 1812 . He was listed there as a buyer at a sale. He worked with his father JAMES DYCHES as a wood craftsman in the Henning Shop in Lewisburg, WVA. His father worked there prior to Elijah and in those days the father taught the son the needed skills of their trade. They made items such as ladder back chairs and spinning wheels.



*2 v  William Dyches (James 1 Dyches) married Sally Gartner (b. 1773  d. abt 1850) on February 28, 1793 in Greenbrier Co., VA.

*Note:  For William dyches, see Footnote 4.  


              Children of William Dyches and Sally Gartner:


3 vii       Elijah   b. abt 1803  Greenbrier Co., VA  d. aft 1880 Pulaski Co., KY

3viii       Eli   b.  Nov. 11, 1810 Pulaski Co., KY  d. Nov. 15, 1887  Pulaski Co., KY

3  ix        John    b. abt 1815  VA d. abt 1865 

3   x        Peter   b.  abt 1816 Clairborne Co., TN  d. aft. 1880 Pulaski Co., KY 

3  xi        Nancy   b.  1817  Pulaski Co., KY 

3 xii        Mary ann “Polly”   b.  1820 Pulaski Co., KY

3xiii        Elizabeth   b.  abt. 1828

3xiv        Sarah

3 xv        Jerry

3xvi        Jane



2 vi NANCY DYCHES (James 1 Dyches) married RALPH DUNN on April 30, 1813 in Greenbrier Co., VA.



2 viii   Richard DYCHES (James 1 Dyches) married ELIZABETH CARY on October 16, 1817 in Greenbrier Co., VA.

*Note: For RICHARD DYCHES, see Footnote 5.


              Children of RICHARD DYCHES and ELIZABETH CARY:


3xvii       JAMES   b. 1815 Greenbrier Co., d. February 3, 1890, Greenbrier Co., VA

3xviii      SARAH  b. 1827, Greenbrier Co., VA

3  xix      ELIZABETH  b. 1837, Greenbrier Co., VA



Generation 3



3 i  JESSE DYKES JR. (Jesse 2  Dyches) married 1. ELIZABETH (BETSEY) FOSTER. ELIZABETH FOSTER is the daughter of ISAAC FOSTER and MARY GIBBS.




              4    i       RILEY  b. April 24, 1854, Missouri; m. LUCINDA ?.

              4   ii       MARGIT  b. September 15, 1855, Missouri.

              4  iii       POLLY  b. May 31, 1858, Missouri.

              4  iv       NINROD  b. December 22, 1862, Missouri.

              4   v       ROSEMEY  b. May 5, 1864, Missouri.

              4  vi       J. M.  b. May 5, 1964, Missouri.

              4 vii       JOSEPHINE  b. November 17, 1868, Missouri.

              4viii       GEORGE W.  b. December 19, 1890, Missouri.


3 i  JESSE DYKES JR. (Jesse 2  Dyches) married 2. mARY FOSTER in 1822 in Claiborne Co., TN.  MARY FOSTER is the daughter of ENOCH FOSTER and MARGARET WALLACE.

*Note: MARY FOSTER is ELIZABETH FOSTER’S aunt. JESSE DYKES JR. may have had son ELIJAH DYKES that married ELIZABETH BRAHAM on Oct. 22, 1849 in Greenbrier Co. VA.  He had a very large family with at least eighteen children with two wives. He may have had more. The William Dykes we believe to be his son, mentions others that do not appear in any other research. MARY LOUISE SMITH KINNEY, who descends from Jesse, states that Jesse first married MARY FOSTER and after her death married her niece, ELIZABETH (BETSEY) FOSTER, but unable to find information.  JESSE DYKES JR. served in Co. E-12 Missouri Cavalry in the War with Mexico about 1849. His family moved from TN to KY about 1835 and on to MO in 1849.  Source: Family Bible and Pension Record in Mercer Co., MO.


              Children of JESSE DYKES and MARY FOSTER:


              4   ix       WILLIAM A.   b. Dec. 3, 1823, Anderson Co., TN

4    x       LUCY   b. ABT 1820

4   xi       JOHN   b. ABT 1820  (The name John came from a letter written by his brother William to Larkin Hundley found in the Virginia Historical Society Library.

4  xii       CHARLES   b. February 22, 1827, TN  d. Greene Co., MO

4 xiii       JAMES  b. Sep. 25, 1829, TN; m. ELIZA HUTCHINSON, Dec. 4, 1850, Platte Co., MO. (There is no proof that James Dykes, although it is the right age, married Eliza F. Hutchinson in Platte County, Missouri on December 4 1850. A James Dyke is in the 1850 Tennessee census he was born in 1822 and his wife was named Margaret. No county was noted. A James Dikes married Mary Holton in Claiborne Co. Tennessee on Jan 14 1850. Source: Book Tennessee Marriages of Claiborne County.

4  xiv      ELIZABETH ANN  b. May 31, 1832.

4   xv      JANIE (POLLY)   b. Sep. 8, 1834, Anderson Co., TN  d. Aug. 8, 1894, Mercer Co., MO

4  xvi      NANCY   b. July 18, 1837, Perry Co., KY d. Jan. 1910; m. JOHN PIERCE.

4 xvii      REBECCA FRANCES  b. June 22, 1842, Kentucky; m. ROBERT GRIFFIN. (She was living with Jesse Constable 1860.)

4xviii      JESSE  b. February 19, 1843, Kentucky.

4  xix      THOMAS G. (S.?)  b. July 9, 1848, Kentucky.

4   xx      MANERVA JANE   b. Sep. 2, 1853, Mercer Co., MO   d. Sep. 2, 1853, Mercer Co., MO



3 ii  William DYCHES (Jesse 2  Dyches) married 1. ELIZA BESHER on October 23, 1843 in Clairborne Co., TN.

*Note: This may be the same William Dykes that is listed with his wife Sally and family in the 1850 Claiborne Co. TN census. There is no proof of the marriage to Eliza Besher, other than the dates fit and she did marry a William Dykes in Claiborne County. William Dikes is listed in the 1840 Claiborne Co., TN census. He is also listed on the 1833 tax rolls in Claiborne County. There was more than one William Dykes in Claiborne County in 1843 because William Dike married Judy Ann Smith on October 2, 1843. Source: Book "Tennessee Marriages of Claiborne County".


3 ii  William DYCHES (jesse 2  Dyches) married 2. PHEBE JANE ROSSIN on October 1, 1851 in Clairborne Co., TN.


3 iv  JAMES S. DYKES (jesse 2  Dyches) married 1. JANE (JENNIE) FOSTER in 1831 in Anderson Co., TN.  JANE FOSTER is the daughter of ENOCH FOSTER and MARGARET WALLACE and sister to MARY FOSTER (married to Jesse Dykes Jr.)




4  xxi      MALINDA   b. December 4, 1833, TN (Note: Malinda Dykes may have married John Perry. The marriage date of their son John H. Perry to Elizabeth King is correct for this to be true.

4 xxii      GORDON MINOT  b. April 3, 1835, Tennessee.

4xxiii      PRIOR L.  b. May 29, 1837, Tennessee.

4xxiv      DOCTORTATE  b. March 1, 1841, Anderson Co., TN d. October 2, 1919, Wyoming.

4 xxv      WILLIAM R.  b. March 13, 1843, Tennessee.

4xxvi      JAMES D.   b. March 8, 1848, Mercer County, Missouri.


 3 iv  JAMES S. DYKES (jesse 2  Dyches) married 2. MARY JANE WILSON in 1854.

*Note: Children names come from Mercer Co., MO Bi-Centennial 1976. For JAMES S. DYKES, see Footnote 6.




4 xxvii    MARY A.  b. February 26, 1861, Mercer Co., MO

4xxviii    MCDONALD (MACK)  b. July 25, 1863, Mercer Co., MO  d. June 29, 1936, Mercer Co., MO

4  xxix    LAURA A.  b. March 2, 1866, Mercer Co., MO



3 iii  Emma Setta Dyches (jesse 2  Dyches) married ? Simpson.


              Children of EMMA DYKES and ? SIMPSON:


4   xxx    James William   b. 1872 (further line:  his son is Paul Anderson b. 1905, his son is Paul James, his daughter is Brenda Simpson (Sgambati)



3 v  PETER DYCHES  (jesse 2  Dyches) married SALLIE ?.



3 vii  Elijah Dykes (William 2  Dyches) married Mariah Harmon (harman?) (b. abt 1810) April 21, 1827 in Pulaski Co, KY.  Mariah HARMON is the daughter of WILLIAM HARMON and CHARLOTTE ? 

*Notes: ELIJAH DYKES served in the Civil War, Federal, Co. I or Co. H 12th KY Infantry, Pension card filed by wife, Oct. 11, 1867, Invalid, App#625523 Cert.# 438110 KY) For ELIJAH DYKES, see Footnote 7.


              Children of ELIJAH DYKES and MARIAH HARMON:


4  xxxi    Eli. F.    b. Apr. 1830 Pulaski Co, KY   d. aft 1910

4 xxxii    NANCY JANE   b. abt. 1835  d. bef. 1873

4xxxiii    JOHN F. B. 1840, Pulaski Co, KY   d. August 3, 1856, Pulaski Co, KY             

4xxxiv    WILLIAM J.  b. 1843, Pulaski Co, KY d. August 2, 1856, Pulaski Co, KY        

4 xxxv    Sarah



3 viii  Eli Dykes (William 2  Dyches) married Sarah Jane Meece on December 16, 1833 in Pulaski Co., KY.  SARAH MEECE is the daughter of JOHN MEECE and CHRISTINE VOUGHT.

*Note: For ELI DYKES, see Footnote 8.


              Children of ELI DYKES and SARAH JANE MEECE:


4xxxvi    MARY ANN b. 1835

4xxxvii   HANNAH MARIAH  b. April 18, 1835, Pulaski Co., KY  d. August 6, 1923, Pulaski
                             Co., KY





*3 ix  John Dykes (William 2 Dyches) married Melinda Waddle (b. Feb. 21, 1827  d. abt. 1875 Pulaski Co., KY) on September 9, 1843 in Pulaski Co., KY.  Melinda Waddle is the |daughter of William Hezekiah Waddle, Sr. (b. Dec. 26, 1793 Wash. Co., PA d. June 16, 1864 Pulaski Co., KY) and Sally ? (b. Nov. 22, 1795 Garrard Co., KY).

*Note: JOHN DYKES AND MELINDA WADDLE married late; their ages are verified using the 1860 Federal Census and L.D.S. Church Records.


              Children of John Dykes and Melinda Waddle:


              4XL       James Martin    b. Dec. 29, 1844  Pulaski Co., KY  d. May 19, 1918 Pulaski Co., KY

4Xli       ELI Thomas JEFFERSON

4Xlii      Isaac Madison  b. 1847  Pulaski Co., KY

4Xliii     Peter Monroe   b. 1848  Pulaski Co., KY (married SARAH ANN BURTON Feb. 28, 1867 Pulaski Co., KY

4Xliv     Mary Jane   b. abt. 1850  d. bef. 1887

4XLv     William jAMES   b. 1845  Pulaski Co., KY  d. bef. 1878

4Xlvi     Mahala F.  b. abt. 1856 (married henry J. Burton Feb. 10, 1875 Pulaski Co., KY

4Xlvii    John Jr.



3 x  Peter Dyches (William 2  Dyches) married Nancy Mounts (Mounce?).

*Note: For more information on Peter Dyches, see Footnote 1.


              Children of Peter Dyches and Nancy Mounts:


4Xlviii   Greenup R.   b. abt. 1848

4 Xlvix   Johnson E.    b. abt. 1852

4       L   Elizabeth    b. abt. 1854

4      Li   Lucinda               b. abt. 1856

4     Lii   Martha J.   b. abt. 1860  d. bef. 1891 pneumonia

4    Liii   Serelda   b. abt. 1864



3 xi  Nancy Dyches (William 2  Dyches) married Lemuel Mouncy.



3 xii  Mary Dyches (William 2  Dyches) married 1. Hezekiah Waddle.


3 xi  Mary Dyches (William 2  Dyches) married 2. William White on May 5, 1854.



 3 xiii  Elizabeth Dyches (William 2  Dyches) married Greenup R. Mounce on December 31, 1848.



3 xviii  SARAH Dyches (RICHARD 2 DYCHES) married CYRUS RAINES on July 24, 1851 in Greenbrier Co., VA.



3 xix  ELIZABETH Dyches (RICHARD 2 DYCHES) married HAMILTON P. DETTMORE on July 11, 1864 in Greenbrier Co., VA.



Generation 4



4 xxxi  Eli F. Dykes (ELIJAH 3 DYKES) married Barbaray B. Stephens (b. abt. 1839) on March 28, 1853.

*Note:  Eli F. Dykes served in the Civil War, Federal, 32 KY Inf., pension card filed by father Oct. 2, 1883 App. #359261 or 8 )


              Children of ELI DYKES and BARBARAY STEPHENS:


              5     i      Sophia Isabell    b. Oct. 24, 1858   d. Feb. 1, 1944

              5    ii      Kizziah Nunley    died at birth

              5   iii      David Monroe   b. Pulaski Co., KY

              5   iv      Frances Walter   b. Pulaski Co., KY

              5    v      Elijah A.   b. Pulaski Co., KY

              5  vi       Mariah E.   b. Pulaski Co., KY

              5 vii       Ebenezer J.   b. July 29, 1869 Pulaski Co., KY  d. Dec. 23, 1945 Pulaski Co., KY

              5viii       Hannah Jane   b. Pulaski Co., KY

              5  ix        Archie Thomas   b. April 5, 1874 Pulaski Co., KY  d. Oct. 28, 1954 Pulaski Co., KY

              5   x        John Tilden   b. August 3, 1877 Pulaski Co., KY  d. 1961 Pulaski Co., KY



4 xxxv  SARAH DYKES (ELIJAH 3 DYKES) had a son.  (Father unknown, but may have been her own father.)


              Children of SARAH DYKES and ?:


              5 xi         ELI WOODIE  b. abt. 1867  Pulaski Co., KY  d. Dec. 27, 1945 Adair Co., KY

              5xii         MATTIE



4 xxxviii  WILLIAM DYKES (ELI 3 DYKES) married ?


              Children of WILLIAM DYKES and ?


5xiii        ARETTA JANE   b. Feb. 22, 1878 Pulaski Co., KY  d. April 15, 1954 Valentine, NE

5xiv        JESSIE L.   b. 1882 Pulaski Co., KY

5xv         GEORGE BLAIN   b. Aug. 22, 1884 Pulaski Co., KY  d. July 27, 1970 Pulaski Co., KY



4 xxxvix  ELI T.J. DYKES (ELI 3 DYKES) married?


              Children of ELI T.J. DYKES and ?


5xvi        ELIZA JANE   b. 1880

5xvii       JESSIE O.   b. Dec. 22, 1887 Pulaski Co., KY  d. April 3, 1954 Pulaski Co., KY

5xviii      MARY E.   b. 1888.

5xix        SILAS



*4xL JAMES DYKES (JOHN 3 DYKES) married Julia Ann Horton Buttram (b.  July 19, 1844 Wayne Co, KY d. Sep. 9, 1904) on Dec. 25, 1865 in Pulaski Co., KY.  Julia Ann Horton is the daughter of ARCHIBALD HORTON (b. 1807 VA) and SARAH (SALLY) DABNEY (b. 1808 KY, they were married Aug. 7, 1834 in Wayne Co., KY.) 

*Note: JULIA HORTON was previously married to FRANCIS BUTTRAM on Oct. 16, 1860.  JAMES DYKES is believed to have served in Co. C, 49th Infantry, located on his tombstone at Hail (Mt. Zion) Cemetery.




              5     xx    ELI ARCHIBALD   b. April 3, 1869 Pulaski Co., KY

              5    xxi    SUSAN ELLEN   b. Sep. 26, 1866 Pulaski Co., KY   d. Dec. 28, 1942

              5   xxii    WILLIAM FRANKLIN   b. Nov. 24, 1871 Hale, Pulaski Co., KY   d. 1937

              5  xxiii    SARAH JANE   b. Feb. 28, 1874  d. Dec. 22, 1944

              5  xxiv    GEORGE SAMUEL   b. Sep. 21, 1876  d. 1952

              5   xxv    ROBERT COSSIN   b. Aug. 7, 1882 Pulaski Co., KY   d. Sep. 7, 1963

              5  xxvi    JAMES A.   b. Dec. 15, 1884 Pulaski Co., KY   d. unknown

              5 xxvii    LYDIA C.   b. Nov. 23, 1887   d. Sep. 29, 1888

              5xxviii    MARY BERTHA   b. Sep. 23, 1890 Pulaski Co., KY   d. 1971 Copley, OH



4Lii MARTHA DYKES (PETER 3 DYCHES) married JAMES DAVID NEELY on July 23, 1879 in Pulaski Co., KY.

*Note: For more information on JAMES NEELY, see NEELY genealogy. MARTHA DYKES and JAMES NEELY were married in her home by her father, PETER DYKES, surety G.R. Dykes.


              Children of MARTHA DYKES and JAMES NEELY:


              5  xxi      NANNIE

              5 xxii      JOHN PETER

              5xxiii      LULABELLE

              5  xiv      RILEY



Generation 5



5 i  SOPHIA DYKES (ELI 4  DYKES) married 1. ? Haynes.


5 i  SOPHIA DYKES (ELI 4  DYKES) married 2. JOHN BRUCE BARBER (b. 1861) on June 4, 1879 in Pulaski Co., KY.  JOHN BARBER is the son of ? BARBER and CYNTHIA ? 

*Note: For more information on JOHN BARBER, see BARBER genealogy.


              Children of SOPHIA DYKES and JOHN BARBER:


              6   i        LULA D.   b. May 11, 1880  d. Nov. 9, 1965

              6  ii        JOHN TIPTON   b. Apr. 18, 1890  d. Dec. 27, 1970

              6 iii        FRANCES “FANNY”   b. Sep. 1, 1892  d. Apr. 12, 1967

              6 iv        ELIZABETH “LIZZIE” ETHEL



*Note:  For JAMES MOUNCE, see MOUNCE genealogy.


              Children of SOPHIA DYKES and JAMES MOUNCE:


              6   v       SOPHIA

              6  vi       ELI

              6 vii       ROXIE



*5 iii  ELI A. DYKES (JAMES M. 4 DYKES) married 1. LUCY MILLER on Sep. 1, 1886 in Pulaski Co., KY. 


Children of ELI DYKES and LUCY MILLER:


              6 viii      HENRIETTA A.   b. 1892

              6   ix       MARY E.   b. Aug. 22, 1900 Pulaski Co., KY d. Aug. 31, 1992 Syracuse, NY

              6    x       BERTHA “BERT”

              6   xi       LAURA   aft. 1895

              6  xii       LOUIS

              6 xiii       FLORENCE

              6 xiv       ANNA F.   b. 1895?



5 iii ELI A. DYKES (JAMES M. 4  DYKES) married 2. NANNIE ELLEN NEELY (d. Oct. 25 at 67 yr.) on March 15, 1906 in Pulaski Co., KY.  NANNIE NEELY is the daughter of JAMES DAVID NEELY and MARTHA JANE DYKES.  *Note:  They resided in the Juggernaut Community in Pulaski Co., KY in 1920.  ELI DYKES was an alcoholic.  NANNIE NEELY was reportedly to be part Indian. For more information on NANNIE NEELY, see NEELY genealogy. NANNIE NEELY supposedly married once before to ? HYDEN.


              Children of ELI DYKES and NANNIE NEELY HYDEN:


              6   xv     ADA   b. 1909 (black hair)

              6  xvi     DELLA   b. 1911

              6 xvii     DELMAR THEODORE   b. October 12, 1912  d. March 17, 1971 (red hair)

              6xviii     HARRY WILLIAM   b. May 28,1915 Pulaski Co.KY  d. February 9, 1994 Syracuse,
                             NY (black hair)

              6  xix     VADA  b. 1916 (red hair)

              6   xx     DOROTHY   b. 1919 (black hair)

              6  xxi      WILMA    (red hair)

              6 xxii      CHRISTINE (nickname Cricket) (red hair)



5 iv  SUSAN DYKES (JAMES M. 4  DYKES) married ROBERT LEE PHELPS (b. July 1866 d. May 11 1932) on September 30, 1885 in Pulaski Co.,  KY.  ROBERT PHELPS is the son of ROBERT MILES PHELPS and ANNA MARY EARP. 

*Note:  For more information on ROBERT PHELPS, see PHELPS genealogy.




              6  xxii     WILLIAM “WILLIE” L.   b. Oct. 29, 1888   d. Jan. 25, 1909

              6 xxiv     JAMES A.   b. Nov. 24, 1893   d. Oct. 12, 1912        

6  xxv     ROBERT SAMUEL   b. Aug. 11, 1896   d. Aug. 8, 1934

6 xxvi     MARY M.   b. Apr. 4, 1901   d. May 13, 1977



5v  WILLIAM F. DYKES (JAMES M. 4 DYKES) married 1. MARY S. SEARS (b. 1867 d. 1895) on February 1, 1891 in Pulaski Co., KY.




6 xxvii    DORA E.    b. 1891 (married ? WILHOIT.

              6xxviii    NORA A. b. 1893.


5v  WILLIAM F. DYKES (JAMES M.4 DYKES) married 2. NANCY BELLE “NANNIE” BULLOCK (b. 1875 d. 1974) on May 21, 1896 in Pulaski Co., KY.

*Note: The names of the children are from the Dykes-Cundiff file in the Pulaski Co., KY Library. The 1910 census has wife’s name as NANCY B. and says she was married 2 times.  Jeannie Hughes has her name as NANNIE B. BULLOCK which may have been her married name.




              6  xxvix  ETHIE   b. June 6, 1910  Somerset, KY  d. Jan. 17, 1967

              6     xxx  ELMER   b. 1896

              6    xxxi  CLYDE

              6   xxxii  E.J.

              6  xxxiii  HOBART

              6  xxxiv  BERTHA M.  b. 1902   (lives in OH)

              6   xxxv  FANNIE A.  b. 1904   (lives in GA)

              6  xxxvi  LLOYD    (lives in CA)

              6 xxxvii  DEWEY   (lives in NY)

              6xxxviii  B.F.   (lives in KY)

              6xxxvix   EDWARD WHITIS  (reared by William and Nancy Dykes)

6xL        WILLIAM H.   b. 1898?

6xLi       CHARLIE D.   b. 1899?

6xLii      KESSIE   b. 1905?

6xLiii     OTHIE   b. 1910?



5vii  EBENEZER DYKES  (ELI F. 4 DYKES) married RACHEL HUNT on January 10, 1889 in Pulaski Co., KY.  RACHEL HUNT is the daughter of REUBEN HUNT.

*Note: EBENEZER DYKES children’s names are from the Dykes-Cundiff Surname File Pulaski Co. Library and 1910 census. He is shown as EBAN DYKES in the census.




6  xLiv   EVA LENA    b. July 1890

              6   xLv   LEE OTLEY   b. June 1896

              6  xLvi   MAREE    b. March 1899

              6 xLvii   VINIE A.   b. 1902

              6xLviii   WILSON   b. 1904

              6xLvix    ALTON   b. ABT 1919



5ix ARCHIE DYKES (ELI F. 4 DYKES) married MARY MARTHA HART on November 3, 1893 in Pulaski Co., KY.

*Note: The Dykes - Cundiff file in the Pulaski Co Ky. Library has the name MARY MAGDALENE DYKES.  The 1910 census says she only had seven children and only five were alive. (Jeannie Hughes) has her name as MARY MAGALINE HUNT.




              6L          BERTHA   b. 1895

              6Li         IDA C.   b. 1897; d. 1942 (IDA’s middle name may be Z.)

6Lii        COLLETA    b. 1905

6Liii       LENORA M.   b. 1906

              6Liv       FRED DEFORREST   b. 1909

              6Lv        MARY   b. February 10, 1910; d. February 21, 1910

              6Lvi       GOLANZA   b. April 28, 1902; d. July 1, 1902

                             6Lvii      THOMAS C.   b. May 21, 1917, Pulaski Co., KY  d. January 1, 1960, Pulaski Co., KY



5x  JOHN T. DYKES (ELI F. 4 DYKES) married LYDIA N. CHANEY on June 6, 1897 in Pulaski Co. KY.




6            VANCE   b. March 1898.

              6            LINIE   b. 1903.

6            IVA D.   b. 1905

6            EVERETT   b. August 16, 1907, Pulaski Co., KY  d. Nov. 5, 1959, Pulaski Co., KY

              6            MITCHELL   b. 1910

              6            OLLIE   b. Aft. 1897

6                   ROBERT  b. Aft. 1897



5xi  ELI W. DYKES (SARAH 4 DYKES) married JULIE L. ELMORE on April 10, 1892 in Jamestown,
       Russell Co., KY.  JULIE ELMORE is the daughter of JOSEPH ELMORE and MARY APPLEBY.

       *Note: Comments by Frank and Kathryn Dykes Ferry, see footnote 2.




6            JOE FRANK   b. Feb. 4, 1894, Russell Co., KY  d. June 18, 1968, Russell Co., KY

              6            MATTIE   b. March 1896, Russell Co., KY   d. Bef. 1918

6            DEWEY OSCAR   b. Feb. 19, 1900, Russell Co., KY d. Sep. 24, 1954, Russell Co., KY

              6            JOHNNIE LUTHER b. Nov. 11, 1903, Russell Co., KY   d. Sep. 25, 1970, Adair Co.,

6GEORGE BENNIE b. Nov. 5, 1907, Russell Co., KY  d. Jan. 1971, Terra Haute, IN



         October 22, 1902 in Ft. Worth, TX.  SOLOMAN HOLLARS is the son of ALBERT HOLLARS and

         *Note: Jeannis Hughes: ARETTA DYKES went to school at Mt. Victory with Solly's sister, Arnetta
           Hollars, and met Solly through her. She married Solly and they went to Nebraska. They
           homesteaded there and kept buying out other homesteaders.  




6            ELLA   b. 1904   d. May 1987, Valentine, NE

              6            ROY   b. ABT 1906   d. WY

              6.           FRED   b. ABT 1907   d. WY

              6.           BASIL   b. 1909   d. NE

              6.           EDNA   b. 1910   d. NE

6.                 EMMA  b. 1911  d. TX



5xiv  JESSIE L. DYKES (WILLIAM 4 DYKES) married MELISSA LEDBETTER on January 29, 1903
         in Pulaski Co., KY.  MELISSA LEDBETTER is the daughter of JOHN LEDBETTER and ELLEN

        *Note:  News article in the Somerset, KY newspaper, The Commonwealth-Journal, reports, "they
          went out west".  Jeannie Hughes:  JESSIE L. DYKES served in the Spanish American War.
          Both of his parents are buried in WhiteLily Cemetery, Pulaski Co., KY. He marries a sister  to
          Rebecca Jane Ledbetter, John Logan' wife.  JESSIE DYKES took his young family (They had a
          daughter named Charlotte) and moved to Oklahoma where he sometimes left them. He had a
          daughter named Flora, a son named Ellis Brady, and maybe other children. No one knows where or |

          how he died.




6            FLORA ELLEN   b. September 1903, Pulaski Co., KY d. Sep. 1982, Afton, OK

6            CLARICE W.   b. 1906, Pulaski Co., KY

 6           ROSE F.   b. 1908.

 6           JESSIE LINVILLE   b. 1909, OK

 6           ELLIS BRADY  b. 1910, OK  d. IN

              6            CLESTEL   b. 1912, OK




         *Note: The newapaper article in the Commonwealth-Journal says he had five children. The Dykes-
           Cundiff file says he had seven. GEORGE DYKES is buried in White Lily Cemetery

           George also went out west bu "Old Pap" lured him home again, and gave him a

           farm. Since he lived and died on Old Pap's farm, it was probably the one he gave him. He ran the
           blacksmith shop as long as there was a need for one. In his later years he ran a small grocery store
           out of their home. All the kids in the neighborhood loved them. His social security # 407-42-7906
           and was issued in KY.




6           WILLIAM M.BILL”   b. 1904, Pulaski Co., KY

6           ROSETTA “ROSIE”   b. 1910, Pulaski Co., KY

6            LLOYD M.   b. Jan. 14, 1911, Pulaski Co., KY d. Feb. 11, 1973, Pulaski Co., KY

6            GEORGIE LEE   b. 1913, Pulaski Co., KY

6            JESSIE M.  b. June 20, 1917, Pulaski Co., KY d. Aug. 4, 1964, OH

6            HEIRSCHELL M.  b. 1920

6            LILENE b. ABT 1928

6            FAYE  b. ABT 1928, Pulaski Co. KY



5xvi  ELIZA JANE  (ELI T.J. 4 DYKES) married GEORGE J. BRAY in 1902.

         *Note: 1910 census has ELIZA DYKES as Laura J.




6            CORINTHA E.   b. 1904

6            MARY A.   b. 1906

6            WALTER L.  b. 1910



            daughter of  JAMES BOLTON and BERTHA ?.

          *Note: JESSIE O. DYKES was living with his brother SILAS DYKES in 1910. Jeannie Hughes
              has GRACIE BOLTON as Sarah Grace Mounce, daughter of Mariah Mounce.




6            COMMODORE   b. Sep. 25, 1919, Pulaski Co., KY  d. May 9, 1993

              6            WILLIAM   b. Aug. 10, 1935, Pulaski Co., KY  d. March 14, 1936, Pulaski Co., KY

              6            ARTHUR J.   b. May 9, 1937, Pulaski Co., KY  d. Feb. 7, 1938, Pulaski Co., KY



5xviii      MARY E. DYKES (ELI T.J. 4 DYKES) married JOCEPHIS WOODALL.




6           WILLIAM    b. 1910



5xxiii  SARAH DYKES (JAMES M. 4  DYKES) married ANDREW CURRAN BRADLEY (b. April 18,
           1873 d. June 22, 1951) on November 17, 1894 in Pulaski Co., KY.



         1945) on September 21, 1897 in Pulaski, KY.


              Children of GEORGE DYKES and ELIZABETH DAVIDSON:


              6 xxxvii  PEARL   (lives in KY)

              6xxxviii  MARIE   (lives in KY)

              6  xxxix   LILLIAN

              6       40 IDA

              6       41 ELDER LEE

              6  42      EARL

              6 43       CHESTER

              6  44      FRED



5 xvii  ROBERT C. DYKES (JAMES M. 4 DYKES) married FRANCES BARBER on May 12, 1898 in
            Pulaski Co., KY.  FRANCES BARBER is the daughter of JOHN BARBER and SOPHIA DYKES.


              Children of ROBERT DYKES and FRANCES BARBER:


              6  45      JAMES JAY   b. Mar. 10, 1920 Pulaski Co., KY  d. Aug. 6, 1967

              6   46     GERALDINE

              6  47      OLA

              6 48       LILLIE

              6 49       RAYMOND  (lives in Norwood, OH)

              6   L       JOHN WILLIAM   (lives in OH)

              6  Li       IRVIN   (lives in OH)

              6   Lii     PAUL K.   (lives in OH)

              6     Liii  CARL   (lives in KY)

              6     Liv  SOPHIA   (lives in OH)

              6      Lv  NETTA



5 ix  JAMES A. DYKES (JAMES M. 4 DYKES) married LIZZIE ETHEL BARBER (b. 1886) on
        January 21, 1903 in Pulaski Co., KY.

         *Note:  For LIZZIE BARBER, see BARBER genealogy.



5 xi MARY DYKES (JAMES M. 4 DYKES) married NATHAN BRAY (b. Jan. 23, 1880 d. June 13, 1967
       Copley, OH) on November 10, 1904 in Pulaski Co., KY.  NATHAN BRAY is the son of MARTIN

      *Note:  For NATHAN BRAY, see BRAY genealogy.


              Children of MARY DYKES and NATHAN BRAY:


              6    Lvi   HOMER   b. Sep. 16, 1905   d. Nov. 24, 1910           



Generation 6



 6 viii  HEINRETTA DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married JAMES MARVIN VAUGHN (of Somerset,
           KY. d. Mar. 17, 1971.)

          *Note: For JAMES VAUGHN, see VAUGHN genealogy.


              Children of HEINRETTA DYKES and JAMES VAUGHN:


              7  iv       SON

              7   v       SON

              7  vi       SON

              7 vii       VOLA LOUIS (lives in Indiana)

              7viii       SON



6 ix  MARY DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married 1. ? LOVELL.  No children. 


6 ix  MARY DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married 2. ? MALLORY






      *Note: ? LOVELL is brother to ? LOVELL, married to MARY DYKES.   



6xv ADA DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married ? KELLY.


Children of ADA DYKES and ? KELLY:


7                   PAUL (died at early age, had one daughter, Kelli Kelly)



6xvii  DELMAR DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES married ELIZABETH DRAGAN (b. abt. 1918  d. Sept. 18,
          1963 breast cancer) in Akron, OH.


              Children of DELMAR DYKES and ELIZABETH DRAGAN:


              7 vix       MARY LOU

              7    x       PEGGY

              7   xi       ROBERT

              7  xii       THEODORE

              7 xiii       RONALD

              7  xiv      SAM

6 xviii  HARRY DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married 1. PEGGY ? in the mid to late 1930's. No children .

6 xviii  HARRY DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married 2. HELEN MARIE CASHIER (b. 17 May 1920
            Blairsville, PA d. 1950s-1960s, Syracuse, NY buried at Assumption Cemetery) in the early 1940’s
            in Syracuse, NY.  HELEN CASHIER is the daughter of ANTHONY CASHIER and MARIE ?
            *Note: For HELEN CASHIER, see CASHIER genealogy.  HELEN CASHIER supposedly died
              of cancer. HARRY DYKES suffered a fall from tree, supposedly cracked his head as a child and
              had nickname “Paddlefoot”.



7 xv      LIVING DAUGHTER   b. Oct. 24, 1945  Syracuse, NY

6xviii  HARRY DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married 3.
ANNA MARIE MARZIALE in the early 1950's. 


7 xvi       LIVING SON   b. 1950’s Syracuse, NY

6xviii  HARRY DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married 4. MARY ELLA RECORE on July 4, 1965.  She
           had six children by a previous marriage. Two lived with them.  They had no children. 

6xix     VADA DYKES (ELI A. 5 DYKES) married PAUL SIMON.
            *Note:  VADA DYKES
raised sister, CHRISTINE DYKES’S daughter, DARLENE



7 xvii      DONNA (lives in PA)
7xviii      DAVID (lives in Akron, OH)



7 xvix      SON
7 xx         SON
7  xxi        DAUGHTER



7xxiii         DAUGHTER (raised by VADA DYKES)
7xxiv      DAUGHTER (left Akron, OH shortly after death of baby of pneumonia, married Stone,
               lives in Ravenna, OH








6xxviii  E.J. DYKES (WILLIAM F. 5 DYKES) married ? HUNTER.

























4        *Note:  THOMAS DYKES was a sergeant in WWII.



MATTIE DYKES (ELI W. 5 DYKES) married JOHN C. WELLS on April 5, 1914 in Russell Co., KY.

   *Note: MATTIE DYKES liven in Wells Bottoms, KY.  She was JOHN WELLS’s second wife and
    died in childbirth, according to Margie Garner Dykes. No record of a child has been found. JOHN C.
lived in Indiana much of his life. He is buried with his 5th wife in Russell Co., KY.





















6xxxvi  PEARL DYKES (GEORGE S. 5 DYKES) married ? SEARS.



6xxxvii  MARIE DYKES (GEORGE S. 5 DYKES) married ? ROBERTS.






6xxxix  IDA DYKES (GEORGE S. 5 DYKES) married ? SEARS.



6xxxxiv  JAMES “JAY” DYKES (ROBERT C. 5 DYKES) married IMOGENE ROGERS on April 10,

               *Note: JAMES DYKES became an ordained minister on Dec. 10, 1950 and was a member of Mt.
                 Zion Baptist Church.




              7     21   JAMES ROGER   (lives in CA)

              7    22    ROSEMARY   (lives in KY)

              7   23     SUE   (lives in KY)

              7  24      LINDA KAY   (lives in KY)

              7  25      RICHARD ALLEN   (lives in KY)

              7   26     ROBERT G.   (lives in AFB NV)

              7 27       SAMUEL DEWAYNE   (lives in AFB IL)






6xxxxvi  OLA DYKES (ROBERT C. 5 DYKES) married ? APP.



6xxxxvii  LILLIE DYKES (ROBERT C. 5 DYKES) married ? BAKER.









Generation 7



7xv DELLA DYKES (HARRY 6 DYKES) married DONALD JUNIOR HUBERT (b. June 16, 1951 Van
       Wert Co., OH) on March 23, 1973 in St. Petersburg, FL.  DONALD HUBERT is the son of

        *Note: For DONALD HUBERT, see HUBERT genealogy. For RUTH THRASHER, see
          THRASHER genealogy.                     


              Children of DELLA DYKES and DONALD HUBERT:


              8  i           DONEL ELIZABETH   b. March 26, 1974 Balboa Park, CA

              8 ii           DARA ANN   b. May 20, 1975 Oceanside, CA



7xvi HARRY DYKES, JR. (HARRY 6 DYKES) married MILLICENT MELCHIOR on November 28,
         1977 in Syracuse, NY.


              Children of HARRY DYKES, JR. and MILLICENT MELCHIOR:


              8  iii       HARRY, III “DEE DEE”  

              8  iv       JESSICA

              8   v       ANNA MARIE   b. Private

              8  vi       SARAH   b. Private

              8 vii       MICHELLE   b. Private

                             8viii       MICHAEL   b. Private






7 23 SUE DYKES (JAMES J. 6 DYKES) married ? SPAW.









CD ROM #6 Pedigree Resource File Family Search


Batch #8618904 Source Call No 1396216


Phillys J Haim Internet site www.familytreemaker.com/users/h/y/a/Phyllis-J-Hyams/index.html


Kentucky:  A History of the States  Battle, Perrin, Kniffin  ed 8-B  Pulaski Cty.


Dyche Families of Holland by Melony Dykes-Gilbert – additional resource


John H. Dykes, Dykes Genealogy Society, 5579-B Chamblee Dunwoody Road, PMB#411, Atlanta, GA





???   Heinretta Dykes married James Vaughn (Generation 6.) They named their son Vola. He was named after a Vola Dykes whose 1st wife was Vela, 2nd Catherine  Children Etha, Wilma, Harold.


??? Albert A. Dykes        b: January 26, 1870                          d: WFT Est. 1904-1961    

.                            +Annie Lee White              b: October 05, 1866           m: Abt. 1891       d: WFT Est. 1904-1961    

              2            Joe Dykes            b: April 06, 1892               d: WFT Est. 1893-1982    

              2            William Lewis Dykes        b: August 28, 1893                           d: WFT Est. 1936-1985    

..                           +Ludie Ethel West             b: Private             m: Private                          

              2            Pearl Dykes         b: Abt. 1895                       d: WFT Est. 1896-1989    

              2            Ozzie Dykes       b: Private                                         

              2            Buster Dykes      b: Private                                         

..                           +Nancy Finley    b: Private             m: Private


??? It is true, anything is possible in searching for family histories. But..everything has to be considered. Am pasting a copy of a portion of a file you sent me a couple of years ago. In the file, you list John Dykes as the husband of Julia Ann Brown. Julia Ann's husband was Sanders Dykes. John was brother to Sanders and married Dolly Gann. Both Sanders & John are sons of Martin Dykes. Some do refer to Sanders as John Sanders but I just don't know if they would name two sons John. Sanders & Julia Ann are my g-grandparents. Their son Isham B. Dykes & Ella Vaughn are my mothers parents. The initial B. is Brown as his full name is Isham Brown Dykes.

Descendants of Julia Ann Brown


              1            Julia Ann Brown 1838 -    b: Abt. 1838 in Warren County, Tn              

.                            +A James Smith                              

......        2            James Smith         1859 -    b: Abt. 1859 in Probable son of James & Julia Ann    

                             *2nd Husband of Julia Ann Brown:                                          

.                            +John Saunders Dykes      1817 -    b: 1817 in Warren County, Tn        

......        2            John Dykes         1862 -    b: Abt. 1862 in GRundy County, Tn           

......        2            Eliza Dykes         1865 -    b: Abt. 1865 in Grundy County, Tn             

......        2            Louisa J Dykes    1866 -    b: Abt. 1866 in Grundy County, Tn             

......        2            Isam B Dykes      1868 -    b: Abt. 1868 in Grundy County, Tn             

..........                   +Ella Vaughn                                   

...............              3            (Linda Hubbard's grdmther)Dykes                              

......        2            Prudence Dykes  1871 -    b: Abt. 1871 in Grundy County, Tn             

......        2            Mark Dykes        1873 -    b: Abt. 1873 in Grundy County, Tn             

......        2            Lawrence Dykes  1875 -    b: Abt. 1875       

......        2            Thomas Dykes    1878 -    b: Abt. 1878       


This is the family of John Dykes & Dolly Gann

Descendants of John Dykes


              1            John Dykes         b: 1821 in Warren, Tennessee                        d: Abt. 1859 in Grundy, Tennessee, USA Orange Hill Cemetery       

.                            +Dolly Gann       b: in North Carolina                         d: 1890 in Muskogee, Oklahoma Langley Cemetery            

              2            Sarah Dorcas Dykes          b: 1839 in Warren, Tennessee                        d: WFT Est. 1884-1934    

..                           +Pleasant Huse Tate          b: Abt. 1845 in Grundy, Tennessee m: January 11, 1855 in Grundy, Tennessee            d: WFT Est. 1884-1936    

              2            Jacob Dykes        b: February 23, 1840 in Warren, Tennessee                 d: WFT Est. 1866-1931    

..                           +Susan Jane Gilly              b: WFT Est. 1819-1845     m: February 23, 1858 in Grundy, Tennessee d: WFT Est. 1865-1933        

              2            John C. Dykes     b: 1841 in Warren, Tennessee                        d: WFT Est. 1866-1932    

..                           +Margaret Walker              b: WFT Est. 1823-1847     m: January 22, 1860          d: WFT Est. 1865-1936             

              2            [1] James K.Polk Dykes    b: 1845 in Grundy, Tennessee                       d: WFT Est. 1879-1936    

..                           +Lurinda Gilly     b: Abt. 1850        m: December 28, 1872 in Wright, Missouri   d: WFT Est. 1879-1944             

                             *2nd Wife of [1] James K.Polk Dykes:                                                   

..                           +Eliza Jane Curtis              b: 1849 in Ohio    m: WFT Est. 1877-1911    d: WFT Est. 1877-1943    

              2            Almira Dykes      b: 1846 in Grundy, Tennessee                       d: July 02, 1882  

..                           +James G. Or J. Woodlee  b: WFT Est. 1819-1850     m: December 25, 1862       d: WFT Est. 1884-1935             

              2            Sanders Dykes     b: January 03, 1850 in Grundy, Tennessee                  d: September 14, 1915 in Kellyville, Oklahoma        

..                           +Sarah Berry       b: August 04, 1849            m: Abt. 1870       d: March 20, 1915 in Kellyville, Oklahoma           

              2            Mary Dykes        b: 1851 in Grundy, Tennessee                       d: WFT Est. 1879-1945    

..                           +Henry Dunlap   b: WFT Est. 1834-1854     m: WFT Est. 1879-1913    d: WFT Est. 1879-1940    

              2            Thomas Dykes    b: 1855 in Grundy, Tennessee                       d: February 04, 1927        

..                           +Mary Magdalene Gann   b: Abt. 1857        m: 1877 d: WFT Est. 1900-1952    

              2            Martha Dykes     b: February 28, 1857 in Grundy, Tennessee                d: April 07, 1886 in Wright, Missouri             

..                           +George Washington Douglas II      b: January 01, 1857                          d: April 26, 1932 in Hartshorn, Oklahoma           


??? Francis 'Fanny' CULBERTSON is my ancestor. She married James GOLLAHER in 1800, but he died in Livingston Co, KY abt 1812. She then married James DYKES 3 Dec 1813 in Livingston, KY; the marriage records have her listed as Francis GOLLEHER.


Together they moved their family to Illinois, where Fanny and James had George Parker DYKES, b: 14 Dec 1814 in West Belleville, St. Clair Co, IL and died 25 Feb 1888 in Zenos, Maricopa, AZ. George was quite a remarkable fellow. If anyone wants to know more of his history, please write.


James DYKES apparently died before 1842. I believe he was born abt 1793 in Maryland.


??? Descendants of John Dykes


              1            John Dykes          b: March 26, 1716 in VIRGINIA, NEW KENT CO, ST PETER'S PARIS                d: 1789 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO                                               

.                            +Judith Lewis      b: WFT Est. 1707-1733     m: December 07, 1746 in VIRGINIA, GOOCHLAND CO              d: WFT Est. 1760-1821                                  Father: John Lewis            Mother: Mary Webb

              2            Elizabeth Dykes   b: December 07, 1746 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO                    d: WFT Est. 1777-1840                                                        

..                           +John Barker, Jr b: WFT Est. 1725-1752     m: October 24, 1772 in VIRGINIA, GOOCHLAND CO              d: 1792 in ChestERFIELD CO., VA                             Father: John Barker          Mother: Elizabeth Lewis

              2            Judith Dykes        b: March 01, 1748/49 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO                     d: Aft. 1837                                                    

              3            James Dykes        b: Bef. 1779                        d: WFT Est. 1796-1869                                               

....                         +Peggy  b: WFT Est. 1775-1795     m: WFT Est. 1796-1829    d: WFT Est. 1796-1879                                                

..                           +Benjamin Haley b: WFT Est. 1741-1760     m: February 17, 1779 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO      d: July 27, 1835 in Anderson Co., KY                               Father: John Haley Sr      

              3            John Haley           b: 1773                d: WFT Est. 1774-1863                                               

              2            John Richard Dykes           b: April 19, 1751 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO                             d: Aft. 1832 in CLARK CO., KY                                            

..                           +Tabitha Haley   b: WFT Est. 1743-1762     m: November 08, 1773 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO     d: WFT Est. 1793-1851                                      Father: John Haley Sr      

              3            John Dykes III     b: 1778                d: WFT Est. 1807-1869 in PARKEVILLE, PLATT CO., MO                                               

....                         +?          b: WFT Est. 1763-1787     m: WFT Est. 1792-1826    d: WFT Est. 1806-1875                                                

              3            [1] James Dykes  b: 1791 in KENTUCKY, BOURBON CO                     d: WFT Est. 1848-1883                                               

....                         +?          b: WFT Est. 1776-1800     m: Bef. 1817        d: WFT Est. 1823-1889                                               

                             *2nd Wife of [1] James Dykes:                                                                                             

....                         +Susan  b: 1805 in KY       m: Abt. 1823 in BOURBON CO., KY             d: WFT Est. 1849-1900                                               

              2            [2] Henry Dykes  b: October 17, 1753 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO                        d: WFT Est. 1785-1844                                                        

..                           +Delaney Haley   b: Bef. 1760 in VIRGINIA, GOOCHLAND CO           m: January 10, 1779 in VIRGINIA, GOOCHLAND CO       d: WFT Est. 1785-1854                                               

                             *2nd Wife of [2] Henry Dykes:                                                                                             

..                           +Delaney Haley   b: WFT Est. 1748-1779     m: January 10, 1799 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO        d: WFT Est. 1804-1870                                       Father: John Haley Sr      

              2            William Dykes     b: January 21, 1757 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO                        d: Aft. 1810 in BOURBON CO., KY                                                    

..                           +Sarah Haley      b: WFT Est. 1746-1765     m: September 28, 1778 in VIRGINIA, LOUISA CO     d: WFT Est. 1783-1853                                      Father: John Haley Sr




??? Can you tell me anything more about    "3   ii   William [Dykes]   b. Dec. 3, 1823 (need to verify year)."


A William Dykes b. VA seems to have fathered two daughters in Council Bluffs, IA in 1854 and 1857, Elizabeth and Charlotte or Henrietta (the names intermingle).  The mother was Polly Hatch Swanner Dykes Bagley.

Polly was born 1821 in Jefferson Co., NY

The marriage would have  been just prior to 1854 and over by 1860.


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??? Hello, my name is Gwendolyn Dykes Fritz.  My neice Pamela Dykes McClure

gave me your e-mail address because I

am interested and I am updating our Family History.  I visited your web

site and I have the rest of the information

from William Franklin Dykes (Generation 5) (James Martin 4 Dykes) to his

many many descendents.  I have a very slow computer, and I only have juno

e-mail access on my computer ,not the internet.  I can use my daughter's

AOL access, but all my family tree info is on my old computer.  It would

probably be easier if I could mail you copies of the information.  I am

not sure I can transfer my info to her computer and send it all easily.

I understand if you don't want anyone having your address, so if you

don't mind it taking a long time, I will try to send it by e-mail.


Its nice to meet a distant "cousin". My dad was Hobart William Dykes(6)


I will start on this ASAP and am anxious to hear from you.











1. In the Pulaski County 1870 census,

      Peter 54  m   farmer  $500    KY

      Nancy           50  f                   KY

      Greenup R.      22  m                   KY

      Johnson E.      18  m                   KY

      Elizabeth       16  f                   KY

      Lucinda         12  f                   KY

      Martha J.       10  f                   KY

      Serelda         6   f                   KY



After we started this study of the family we wished a thousand times we had ask

"Bubs", as we called Eli Woodie, about his life and most certainly about his

father. Not only did we not ask him, but now all his family have died and they

were never ask. We have, however, learned many things about him. No one

remembers, why, but he was only called Bubs by the children of his son, Johnnie

Luther. The general public and the rest of his family called him Woodie or

Grandpa Dykes. We will refer to him from this point forward as Woodie.


We do not know the year Woodie left Pulaski County, Kentucky and went to Russell

County but it was some time after 1890. He was listed on the 1890

Pulaski County tax roll. He most likely went to work on a freight barge on the

Cumberland River. His grandsons, Coba Dykes and Arlis Dykes, remembered Woodie

talking about working for a person named Hamm. A Mr. B. L. Hamm was a part owner

of the Cumberland Transportation Company. This was a river barge company that

transported freight goods up and down the Cumberland River in Kentucky and

Tennessee. Mr. Hamm also owned farmland in Burnside, Kentucky. Somerset is only

a few miles from Burnside in Pulaski County. Some people have speculated that Woodie worked

for Mr. Hamm on his farm before he worked on the river.


Woodie was known by his grandchildren as a man who liked to work and never

turned down a job. It could be, therefore, that he did, in fact, work for Mr.

Hamm on his farm and he was so impressed with his work ethic that he offered him

a job on the river. In any case, it is unlikely that Woodie just left home and

went all the way to Crealsboro in Russell County some forty miles away, to a

strange place, to find a job. Crealsboro was a bustling town in the late

1800s but Somerset was larger and one would think have more

opportunity for someone who was looking for their first job.


Another theory on how he got his job on the river is that many of the steamboat

Captains and First Mates were named Harman. This was the maiden name of his

grandmother. We did not, however, find any direct connection to the various

Harmans and Mariah Harman, Woodie's grandmother, but there is a good chance one

did exist. It is also well documented that Harman was a prominent name in

Nashville and other ports along the river.


In any case, and for whatever the reason, Woodie did go to Crealsboro, Kentucky

in Russell County. For the next fifty plus years, he would live, work, marry,

and raise a family in this county. The above drawing shows the approximate

location of Russell County in Kentucky. Pulaski County is the next county to the

east and Adair County is the next county to the west.


We do not know where Woodie lived when he first came to Crealsboro, but it was a

busy center of commerce. It was not only a major crossroads for steamboat

traffic on the Cumberland River but it had two general stores; five doctors, a

dentist, a post office, a bank, a blacksmith, a farm implement store, a drug

store, a saddle shop and a church. With all this, there must have been boarding

houses for laborers to live.


A major ferry was also located at Crealsboro to provide one of the few places to

cross the Cumberland River. This would create more traffic for the town. It was

not unusual for people from Wayne, Cumberland, Clinton and Russell Counties to

meet in the streets of Crealsboro. At this point in time, Crealsboro was at the

southern end of a major road that was traveled from Columbia, Kentucky and

points north and east. It was little more than a dirt trail, but it was used for

all of the 1800s. The route was so popular that when the Adair

County Court, in the early 1800s, was looking to alter the route,

118 persons signed a petition against it. It did not seem to

bother any one that many of the people signing did not live on the road. The

ones that did were willing to do anything to keep the road where it was.


It was, in fact, first an Indian trail and Crealsboro was where two trails met.

One trail ran south from the lower Cumberland Path to Logan's Station to

Nashville. The other left the main trail at Goose Creek and followed the general

Route of US 127 to Russell Springs, through French Valley and down Ramsey's

Creek where it crossed and went up Salt Lick Creek, over Poplar Mountain and

through Stockton Valley into Cherokee territory near the mouth of Pitman Creek

in Green County. It crossed the Green River at Sartins ford near Greensburg,

through Adair County to about Zion Church where it forked. One trail led to the

mouth of Greasy Creek and the other ran through Glensfork on Simpson Ridge to

Brace Fork of Crocus Creek, over Melson Ridge and down Millers Creek to

Crealsboro where it joined the Goose Creek and the Stockton Valley trail.


During the time Woodie worked at Crealsboro he married Julie Elmore. They

married on April 10, 1892, in Russell County, Kentucky. It would be interesting

to know just how they met and decided to marry. Julie was the youngest daughter

of Joseph Elmore and Mary Ann Appleby. The Elmore family was not a wealthy

family, but they were not poor either. Joseph had bought the Elmore heirs'

interest in the farm owned by his parents James and Jane (Mann) Elmore. The most

interesting thing about the entire matter is the Mann connection. Some of

Woodie's grandchildren remember him talking about a Mr. Mann and it is thought

Woodie may have worked for a Mr. Mann that lived near Manntown, Kentucky in

Russell County.


If Woodie did know or work for the Mann family, this may be the way he met

Julie. Not only was Julie Elmore's grandmother's maiden name Mann, but two of

Julie's sisters, Mary Elizabeth and Artemissa, married a person named Mann. It

is not known if all the Manns were related. We have not studied the Mann family

in any detail to document the correct relationship.


Woodie and Julie started house keeping some where in Russell County. We know

they bought the farm on July 10, 1912. This was twenty years after they married

and all their children were born. They kept the farm until 1944. They bought the

farm from George W. and Bettie Brockman for $100.00. They paid Mr. Brockman

$80.00 in cash and gave him a $20.00 note. A lien was retained in the deed to

secure the $20.00 debt. It was to be paid in one year from the date of the deed.


The farm was located in Sand Lick Hollow (pronounced Holler) near Bryan in

Russell County. Sand Lick is a true Kentucky holler in every respect. Someone

once described their home as being "up hill in every direction." After a visit,

one is awe struck as to how a family of seven could survive. There is very

little land, no more than ten acres that could produce any crop. They somehow

managed to keep things going with food and the absolute necessities for their

life during sickness, fires and the nineteen thirties Great Depression. They

stayed in Sand Lick Hollow and never went anywhere except to Bryan, Crealsboro,

Jamestown or Russell Springs.


Ernest Shearer is a 90-year old friend of Oscar Dykes, son of Woodie and Julie,

that grew up with the Dykes children. When interviewed in his home in Russell

County in 1993, he said he always enjoyed going to the home of Woodie and Julie.

He said, "the house was always clean and they had plenty of good stuff to eat."

He went on to say that he had spent several nights there with his friend, Oscar.



Woodie and Julie always had a garden and they would preserve what they could

from it to use in the winter. They sometimes had a hog to kill and they would

cure the meat with salt for later use. Hunting and trapping for fur and food was

an activity most men did in that part of Kentucky. We suspect Woodie did his

share of hunting opossum, coon, and skunk and selling the hide for fur. He also

hunted rabbit and squirrel for meat. They always had a few chickens to provide

meat and eggs. Woodie's grandchildren remember going with him to the store and

post office at Bryan. Woodie would have a few eggs, sometimes as little as a

half dozen, to sell. Most of the time, before he left

the store, he would buy his grandchild a piece of candy for a penny.


There is little question that Woodie and Julie had a hard life, even by the

standards of their time. They were never able to save very much and in their

latter years were dependant upon their sons for their existence. They had

managed to build a home on their Sand Lick Hollow place, but they had the

misfortune of having it all destroyed by fire. Their son, Oscar, his wife

Martha, and their children Coba and Juanita, were staying with them in the

house. In those days all the homes were heated by wood stove. Someone opened the

stove door to add more wood, the fire fell out of the fire box onto the floor

and the house burned before they could get it under control.


After the fire, we do not know what happened to Oscar's family, but Woodie and

Julie moved in with their other son, Joe Frank and his wife Lula. The story has

been told by the children of Joe Frank that a new house was built in record time

to get Julie out of the home of Lula. They could not get along at all and there

was no peace in the family with the two together. The story may or may not be

totally correct, but it is not surprising that the house would be built in

record time because that is the nature of the Dykes family. They all plunge into

every endeavor as if there is no tomorrow. It is most likely that Woodie had the

same strategy about every thing he did.


Woodie and Julie did have an income for their last few years of their life. In

the mid-1930s President Franklin D. Roosevelt got a bill through

Congress that would pay persons over sixty five with no means of support, a few

dollars each month. It was called the Old Age Pension and was the forerunner of

our present day Social Security System. Woodie was able to get $7.00 each month

and Julie got $6.00.






He was called "Bubs" by the children of his son, Johnnie Luther. He never talked

much about his early years but one can guess it was not easy. His life in the

late 1880's is somewhat of a mystery. He told his sons and grandsons that he

left his home in Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky as a young man and went to

Russell County. He had grown up in Somerset with his mother, sister Mattie

(Matty) and his grandfather Elijah. When he left home, he either went to work at

Creelsboro or Mantown in Russell County. His grandson, Coba Dykes, remembered

Bubs saying he got his first job working on the freight boats on the Cumberland

river from a Mr Hamm. Information found in the library in Russell County,

confirms a B. L. Hamm as being one of the key men associated with the Cumberland

Transportation Company. Mr. Hamm also owned farm land in Russell County and had

business intrests in Pulaski County near Burnside. A Mr.Logan Hamm was First

Mate on the river boat, "The Rowena". The exact date is unknown but it was some

time in the late 1800's and could have been one of the boats and some of the

people Bubs worked around.


Bubs also may have gotten his job through a relative. Information found in the

State Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee has several persons named

Harman as Captains or First Mate on many of the Cumberland steamboats. We have

not found any connection but it is a safe bet some of them were related to his

grandmother Mariah Harman Dykes.


It is almost certain that Bubs had difficulty getting any work other than hard

labor. He could not read and this surely made it difficult for him to know what

to load or unload off the boats. He could write his name. His signature is found

on a bond for his son Oscar when he was arrested for making moonshine. (See

Dewey Oscar Dykes)


All kinds of freight came through Creelsboro bound for farms and business.

Fertilizer, farm machinery, kerosene, wagons, and saddles as well as food stuffs

such as coffee, salt, lard, and sugar were some of the things Bubs loaded or

unloaded each day.


Bubs was not lazy. As a young man he not only worked on the river boats he also

farmed and made and repaired shoes. He is remembered as one who always wanted to

be doing something. In his later years, when he stayed with his son Johnnie

Luther, he would go to the crib and shell corn by hand for the pigs and chickens

just so he would have something to do. As he did this his grandchildren would

sometimes tease him by throwing cobs and corn kernels down on him from the hay



It is not clear why Bubs left Somerset or what year he left. We know from court

records that Elijah Dykes, his grandfather, was old and was exempt from paying

tax in the mid 1880's. He could have died at the time Bubs left. He was at least

in his late teens and it was time for him to get a job. His mother was not

married and had given birth to Mattie, his sister, when he was 13 years old.

This may have made his life in Somerset more difficult. At thirteen, he was old

enough to know about life and to know his friends knew his mother was not



It is not known what happened to his mother, Sarah. There is no public record of

her death, marriage, or leaving the area. She may have died and left Bubs and

Mattie alone. Mattie would have been a ward of the court and placed in a foster

home. Bubs was older and he would have been expected to go to work.


It is clear that Bubs did not go back to Somerset for many years. His grandson

Coba Dykes remembered taking him and one of his sons (most likely Johnnie

Luther) to Somerset to see Mattie in January 1940. The sad thing was when they

arrived at the home of a Mr. Tomlinson they were told that Mattie had died on

the day after Christmas about two weeks before. Coba believed this was the first

and the only time Bubs went back to Somerset. His relatives remember him talking

about having a sister Mattie. In fact he and Julie named their only daughter

Mattie. It seems likely therefore, that Bubs cared for his sister. On the other

hand no one remembers him talking about his mother, Sarah.


After Bubs married Julie Elmore he worked for a few years longer on the river

and then bought a farm in Russell county in Sand Lick Holler from a Mr Brockman

who was in the timber business. Brockman had bought the farm at the courthouse

door when it sold for taxes. It had been owned by Thomas T. Sullivan and wife,

L.C. and J.D. Irwin and his wife Alice. Mr Brockman retained the timber on the

place for 20 years and cut it all out in the next few years.


Bubs and Julie lived in Sand Lick Holler until they got old and could not take

care of their needs. Julie then went to live with their son Joe Frank until her

death and Bubs did the same with their son Johnnie Luther. At the time they died

they had no estate. They had sold the farm to Joe Frank and used the money. In

fact according to Luther Dykes , son of Joe Frank, Johnnie Luther paid the last

bill they owed which was for $5.00. It is not known to whom they owed the money.



The orginial home on the farm, built by Bubs and his sons, burned in the late

1930's. All homes in that area were heated with wood. One night the wood fell

out of the stove when the door was opened and caught the house on fire. Bubs and

Julie moved in the home of their son Joe Frank and his wife Lula. The story is

that a new house was built in record time because Julie and Lula did not get

along and to keep peace in the family, things moved quickly.


They did have an income in their last years from a new program started by

President Rossevelt, known by most as the Old Age Pension. It was the forerunner

of our Social Security System and was for persons with no means of support. The

requirements were you must have a home and be over 65 years of age. Coba Dykes,

a son of Dewey Oscar, was living with them at the time and he drew a map of the

farm to show to the social wokers when they came to sign them to the program.

They told him he did a good job and helped prove they had a home.


Bubs and Julie are buried on the hill at Bryan a short distance from were they

spent most of their married life.


3.   Notes for JAMES DYCHES:

The earliest Dykes' we have found with a direct connection to todays' Dykes in

Kentucky, is the James Dyches family of Greenbrier County, Virginia. This county

was later made a part of the state of West Virginia. James was born about 1750.

We do not know where he was born, but we suspect his father or grandfather was

an immigrant and he was born in America. We thought we would find a person that

would fit the times, with the last names spelled Dyches instead of Dykes but we

have not been successful. The name Dyches is used in all the court records we

found on James in Greenbrier County.


Henry Dikes Could be James Dyches' father. He is listed in the book "Passengers

and Immigration Lists Index" as coming to America in 1751. He was an English

convict. A Henry Dikes was a tax payer in Loudon County, Virginia during the

years 1782-1787. There also was a Henry Dikes that received a land warrant of

100 acres for service in the Virginia Navy during the Revolutionary War. The tax

rolls of early Virginia list several other possible fathers of James. George

Dyke is in Loudon County, Virginia, and William Dykes of Louisa County, are both

listed in the1780s. There is no proof of any connection of these

Dykes or the Henry Dykes and James, but it is in the time frame and general



James may have been married three times. The L. D. S. Church records a daughter,

Nellie, born to James Dyches and Elizabeth Lowery in 1764 in Greenbrier County,

Virginia. This could be one of those teenage "shotgun" weddings that did not

last. Based on the life style he lived as an adult, this kind of a marriage

would not be surprising.


The L. D. S. church record also has him married to Elizabeth Rooms in the same

county in 1771. Other than the child, Nellie, mentioned above, it is logical to

assume that Elizabeth Rooms is the mother of his children. The Greenbrier County

marriage records has a James Dike and Elizabeth Butcher marrying in 1810. If

this is the same James Dyches, the marriage would be after the birth of all his



(Note) Jeannie has the wife of James Dykes as Elizabeth Downs.


Lewisburg, West Virginia (formally Virginia) is in Greenbrier County, on the

south east border near the state line. The public records are interesting. James

and his son, Richard, were always in trouble. On September 16, 1783, James was

in court accused by William Frogg of stealing hogs. He was found guilty of the

crime and ordered to the public whipping post. The sheriff was ordered to give

him twenty lashes to his bare back. The execution of the order was to be done

before sundown on that day and to be "well layed on". He was also fined Ten

Pounds. In a strange twist of events, a fourth generation grandson, Dewey Oscar

Dykes, was convicted of the same offense 142 years later in 1925 in Russell County, Kentucky.


On March 16, 1785, he was back in the same court with the same Mr. Frogg and a

William Comber. James had sold Mr. Frogg a mare and a cow. Mr. Comber (Coomer)

came into court and proved they were his. The court ordered the property

returned to Mr. Comber.


James not only had difficulty with other peoples' property, but he could not or

would not pay his debts. He was in court June 18, 1782, being sued by the heirs

of Matthew Arbuckle for a debt he owed Mr. Arbuckle before his death. He settled

the action, by mutual agreement, on May 21, 1783. Over the next several years

there were many such cases that involved James in Greenbrier County.


Found in Greenbrier County, West Virginia Library


Greenbrier County, West Virginia Deeds and Wills

On February 22 1809 James Dyche for natural love and affection to son Elijah

Dyche, as James is moving gives Elijah livestock, bed, furniture, utensils,



wit. Patterson Hopper and William Dyche.


In the same source as above James sold all his livestock and furnishings to

William Coomer (Comber) on November 19 1785. (This is the same person he was in

court with several times. It may have been necessary to sell to settle their

disputes over ownership of their livestock.)


From Jeannie Hughes:

Notes for JAMES DYKES:

James sold 50 acres of land to John Holzclaw on Jan. 15, 1803 in Greenbriar Co.

Va. Deed book #2. Page 596 and 597, for five shillings. The property was part of

a three hundred acre patent, granted to William Hugor.


A James Dyches is listed as the head of the family as tax payer in Greenbriar

County, Virginia in l783, 1796, 1799, 1805 and 1815. Source: Book Greenbrier Co.

Tax Records Vol 2.


A James Dyke (or Dike) born Oct. l8, l7l8, and died June l8, l792, married Mary

Narigamore. Source: DAR Patroit Index. These people are possible parents of

James Dyches.


The Greenbrier County, West Virginia Public Library has several books

documenting the early history of the county. James is described in one of the

books as a skilled wood craftsman. He worked for Thomas Henning who was known as

"Old Tommie". They made, among other things, spinning wheels and ladder back

chairs. The time frame was around 1812 to 1830. The chairs did not have a logo

or trade mark, but were so well built they were easily recognized by the public.

They can still be found in some museums and auctions in the Lewisburg, West

Virginia area.


James and his son, Elijah, were worked in the Henning Shop. In those days the

father taught the son the needed skills of their trade. If the father was a

carpenter he taught at least one of his sons to be a carpenter. The ladies

taught their daughters in the same manner.


4. William dyches came to Pulaski Co., KY in the early 1800s.  His descendants settled  in the southern part of the county.  It was not long until the community became known as Dykes, KY and had its own post office. Many of his descendants especially those of his grandson, WILLIAM HENRY, (will hen) still live there. The county records in Greenbrier Co., VA has the last name spelled Dicks when he married SALLY GARTNER on February 28, 1793. (Jeannie Hughes has the  wife of WILLIAM DYKES as Mary.) It is not unusual to find the name spelled this way and other ways. For example, his son, Elijah’s name was spelled Dickes in the 1850 federal census. Rev W.K.
LACY married WILLIAM DYCHES and SALLY GARTNER. They lived in Greenbrier Co., VA for several years. The documentation of their stay and departure is confusing and difficult to confirm
because of the birth dates and birth location of their children as listed in the federal census. They had at least seven children. Some were born before they left Greenbrier Co., at least one in TN, and some
were born in KY. The years from the birth of William, through his marriage and the birth of their first child, Elijah, are somewhat vague. There are some doubts that the William that is discussed here is the son of JAMES DYCHES and ELIZABETH DYCHES. The year of his birth and his marriage dates we have found make him only fifteen years old and too young to be married. We believe, however, the date of birth could be off three to five years. It was taken from the 1830 federal census and mistakes were often made by the enumerators as well as the people being counted. In many cases, the enumerator had to guess the person's age or they simply wrote down the wrong date. In some cases, the person being counted did not know their age. A second problem is the time between the marriage of William and Sally and their first child. Complete documentation of all their children may never be found. It seems certain there were seven children but some research suggests there could be as many as nine. There could, therefore, be children who were born and died in the questionable ten-year span. We found several William dykes that challenged us in our search for the true William on our side. We know the birth would be around 1775 to 1780. The father, james, had married Elizabeth in 1771 and all the research we had found believed they had other children before William was born. We identified over ten different Williams that we listed and studied to some extent, before deciding on the one described here. Military records show he enrolled in the army on march 27, 1813 but was never discharged. He was absent without leave. He was in capt. Joseph clark's co of inf. 13 reg't Kentucky militia vols. He was stationed at a "camp near Lexington"


jeannie hughes writes:

sarah dykes born 1831, jerry dykes born 1837, and jane dykes born 1839 were

living in the household of william when the 1850 census was taken. no further

information on them, they may have been grandchildren.


notes for sally gartner:

"mary"is found as the wife of william in the dykes file in the pulaski co. hist

library. "sally" came from the marriage record.


jeannie hughes has three more children to this marriage. they are sarah born in

1831, jerry, born 1837, and jane born 1839. the birth dates of the parents or

the dates of these three children are wrong if that is true. the three would

have been born after the mother was 50 years old.


5. Notes for RICHARD DYCHES:


Richard Dyches is an interesting character. He was in court about as much as his

father James Dyches. His marriage to Elizabeth Cary on October 17, 1817, was just 39

days BEFORE he was in court accused of "being the father of Elizabeth Dunn's

bastard child". In December 1817, he was found to, in fact, be the father of her

child. The court order said the child is likely to become chargeable to the

county and ordered Richard to pay a sum of $100.00 in four payments to the

Overseer of the Poor.


Richard Dyches, for whatever the reason, did not provide for his family. In

December 1835, the court ordered the Overseers of the Poor to "bind out" his

children. They were James Dyches age 12; Elizabeth Dyches age 10; and Sarah Dyches age 8. The order says they are all the children of Richard Dyche. His wife Elizabeth is not mentioned in the court order. It could be she had died or they had divorced at the

time. It may be that Richard was not physically or mentally able to care for his

family. He was, however, indicted by a grand jury on March 28, 1831 for assault

and battery. It is also interesting to know the L. D. S. Church has Richard's

son, James Dyches, born two years before the date the county records has their

marriage. It could be, however, that they failed to record the marriage and they

were, in fact, married.


6. The following is an article in the Mercer County, (Missouri) BiCentennial 1976

In 1845 Mr. Dykes moved his family to Mercer County and settled in Morgan

Township. He owned and resided on the same farm for fifty years. He was loyal to

his country and flag and in 1863 assisted in making up a company of men from

this county which was known as Co. M of Second Mo. Calvary Volunteers and of

which company he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. He served with his

company at the battle of Franklin in Tennessee and was under Gen. Thomas during

the seige of Nashville after which he resigned on account of sickness.


Mr Dykes was one of the early settlers of the county and died at his home

October 11, 1895.


The article also says " Mr. and Mrs. Dykes also raised Olivia S. Hardin born

Feb. 21 1875, whose nickname was Sammy.


A James Dykes married Eliza Hutchinson in Platte County, Missouri on December 4,

1850. Source: "Missouri Marriages to 1850".


7. Notes for ELIJAH DYKES:

The 1850 Pulaski County, Kentucky census has the name spelled DICKES.

The 1860 Pulaski County, Kentucky census has the name spelled DIKE. The 1870

Pulaski County, Kentucky census has a William R. Barnes age 13 was living with

Elijah age 63 Mariah age 63, Sarah age 22, and Eli Woodie age 3.


8. Notes for ELI DYKES:

The second son of William Dyches and Sally Gartner was probably Eli. A large gap

is found between the ages of the family members. It is not known why there was

such a long wait (nine years) between two brothers. It most likely a difference

in reporting the federal census rather than a true difference. The death of

small children and still births were seldom noted. Some children, therefore, may

not have been counted.


Eli married Sara Jane Meece on December 16, 1833. She was the daughter of John

and Christine Vaught Meece. There were a lot of people named Meece in Pulaski

County, Kentucky, at the time and many named Meece are still there. The Dykes

surname file in the Pulaski County Kentucky Historical Society Library,

documents the Meece family living near the William Dykes family.


The marriage of Eli Dykes and Sara Jane Meece produced seven and maybe eight

children. There is some confusion among researchers as to the number and ages of

their daughters. One file in the Pulaski County, Kentucky Historical Society

Library, does not list a Mary Ann at all. Anna Dykes Evans, in her research,

believes Mary Ann was the first child. Ms. Evans, however, documents the fact

that a sister, Hannah Mariah, could have been born in the same year.


The village of Dykes, Kentucky is named after his descendants. The marriage

record of his son Eli Thomas Jefferson Dykes has the birth place of Eli as



Eli was granted 50 acres on the waters of Buck Creek in Pulaski County Kentucky

on August 1 1838. He was granted an additional 16 acres on January 30 1845.


Anna Dykes Evans writes:  Eli and Sarah lived on Buck Creek near Long Hollow. Eli was carried on his bed to the Dykes Ford in Buck Creek to be baptized before he died. Note that he died Nov. 15, perhaps he caught pneumonia? He had a large goiter and wore a red bandana to support it.