25 Point Home Checklist For A Happy, Healthy Pet
Please use this Pet health checklist on at least a weekly basis.  You can help discover problems early, before they cause unnecessary pain and expense - or worse. 

My Pet:

1) is not acting normal - inactive and in poor spirits

2) tires easily with moderate exercise

3) has seizure or fainting episodes

4) has abnormal appetite and weight change

5) vomits or regurgitates food

6) has abnormal bowel movements (loose, bloody or with mucus)

7) drags its bottom on the floor

8) has a dull coat with missing hair or mats

9) scratches, licks or chews itself

10) has skin that is flaky or greasy

11) has fleas, ticks, lice or mites

12) has sores, lumps or bumps

13) has ears that smell sour or bad

14) shakes it head or digs at its ears

15) has eyes that are red, swollen with discharge

16) has abnormal hearing and reacts as strangely to its environment

17) walks with stiffness, pain, or difficulty

18) has unhealthy looking feet and long nails (dewclaws too!)

19) breathes abnormally, with straining or coughing

20) has abnormal thirst; drinks abnormal amount of water

21) urinates in unusual amounts, color and frequency

22) has a dry nose, free from discharge

23) has teeth that have plaque, tarter or bad breath

24) has gums that are red and swollen, or offensive breath odor

25) has bad habits (barking, spraying, biting)