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This page last updated: 12/24/2011

February 2, 2006
Asgard's I'm a Southern Belle ("Belle")

Early tracking training:
Belle is heading for a flag of one of her first tracks (age 6 months old)

February 2, 2006
Belle goes for the glove on one of her first tracks (age 6 months old)
Asgard's I'm a Southern Belle ("Belle") age 15 months earns her AKC Tracking Dog (TD) title at Lenape Tracking Club Tracking Test, November 5, 2006.  Her track was 450 yards long with 6 legs.  It took them 17 minutes to 'run' their track.

Quoted comments by owner-trainer-handler, Donna Schiding.  "Leg 1 - We are in between the 1st and 2nd flag.  She (Belle) has already gone off the track to sniff at something (else)."
There was a sock, scented by the tracklayer, at the first flag to give the dog the "scent" of the tracklayer.

"Leg 1 - Going toward the 2nd flag."

TD tests are begun with two flags set in a straight line, to give the handler a direction to start the dog on the track layer's path.  The path (track) has been aged no less than 30 minutes and the handler has not seen the track laid.

"Leg 2 - She found the corner.  Look at her go." (Donna runs to keep up with her)

Here you can get some idea of the area used for tracking.  The dog must follow the unmarked path of the track-layer, a zigzag path which only the dog is able to locate with its sense of smell (its nose).  The handler is totally dependent on the dog's ability to track and locate every turn keep exactly on the track.  Believe me, if it were not for the dog's sense of smell, the dog-handler would NEVER find the glove which ends the track.
"Leg - 4 - Belle searching for corner & Donna keeps backing up (on track)."
"Leg 4 - Belle taking me past the corner.  Oh, no, more backing up."

The tracking dog works on a 40' tracking lead attached to a tracking harness (to allow the dog freedom of movement), not a collar.

"Leg 5 - Belle finding the corner.  YEAH!"

The track layer makes a series of turns in the field and the dog must locate every "corner" (turn) in order to keep on the track. 

"Leg 5 - She found the track, look at her pulling.  Off we go.  She did have to stop and Roll (bad dog), but popped back up and off we went."
"Leg 6 - Belle going for the GLOVE!!  (No picture of her finding the glove BOO *DICK).  On the way to the glove she took a side track for a reward of DEER POOP!!"

*Dick was the photographer, and is the husband of Donna.


"Donna & Belle being congratulated by the (tracking) judges & tracklayer for passing (the tracking test).   YEAH!!  WE DID IT!!"  Which  means that Belle has earned the AKC TD (Tracking Dog) title. 

Then on to TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) with cross tracks laid by a second tracklayer to draw the dog off the 'real' track.  TDX only has one flag, and the dog is taken to that single flag and the dog must pick up the track with the scent of a single article dropped by the tracklayer, and the dog must also detect other objects, dropped on the track, by the track layer. 

Belle earned her AKC TDX on 9/20/2009!!!

"Belle carrying her glove back to the car with me (Donna) and our tracklayer."

Could you find a specific glove in field this size without a trained tracking dog?

"Belle back at the car taking another good roll with her glove nearby.  It was a challenge but WE DID IT!!!!"

When 'your' dog locates the glove, it is one of the most rewarding moments in dog training.  Tracking is the single AKC dog event in which the dog is the leader, and the handler is TOTALLY dependent on the dog to direct the handler on the path/track to the glove.

CD, TDX, CGC.   GREAT JOB!!!   We are so PROUD of you!!!!

Belle earns her TDX

Thursday, January 31, 2008, Belle makes it onto the front page of the

Belle's TDX track, 9/20/09