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                                    This page last updated: 06/07/13

Right:  ARC SILVER PRODUCER,  Majorhausen's Jewel Cascade, TT ("Jewel")            
Sire: ARC Gold Sire, BIS CH Ironwood's Cade, CD
Dam: A/C CH Misty Lakes Diamond Cascade
April 6, 1994 - July 26, 2006

Jewel was bred in Canada...she was our "immigrant/import."  Jewel's first litter ('D' litter, 7 puppies), with "Breck," received 5 "Good" hip evaluations from the OFA.  Jewel now has two (2) AKC Champions, 10 AKC Companion Dogs (CD), 1 CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), 1 TD (Tracking Dog), 1 TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent), 1 PT, 2 RN (Rally Novice), 1 RA (Rally Advanced), 1 RE (Rally Excellent) & 1 JHD (herding), 1 NA & 1 NAJ (agility), and 2 CS, 2 CI dogs, and 1 CST (ARC carting titles) that she has produced.   Jewel became an ARC SILVER Producer in 2006, and she joined our foundation bitch, Ember, with that honor.  

Jewel was our official television guard dog.   She protected our home from any television invaders, or 'bad guys', that attempted to invade our home during television shows.  She would become quite agitated and she would charge and bark at the television when she would hear  any intimidating music or if she saw  any animal or person 'charging' into our viewing space.    

Jewel has crossed The Rainbow Bridge.

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Right: Asgard's Evening Star, CD, NA, CGC, ("Indy"), was the only puppy in her litter.   Indy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 18, 2005.    She is sadly missed by all of  her family.

Indy earned her CD, and took High Scoring Rottweiler in her Novice 'A' class.  Indy also earned her  Novice Agility title (NA), and she placed in her class each time.  Indy was OFA Excellent.

Sire: *1998 ARC Top 20 winner, BIS (Best in Show), BISS (Best in Specialty Show),
CH Rampart's King's Ransom ("Black Jack")
Dam: Majorhausen's Jewel Cascade, TT    ("Jewel") 

*ARC Top 20 competition is held annually for the top 20 Rottweilers, in the United States, at the ARC National.  "Jack" defeated the other 19 dogs and became the 1998 Top 20 winner in Plano, TX.

Indy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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Right:  "Lily," (CH Acosta Mobster's Carolina Lily, CD, CS, TT).  Lily began earning points towards her AKC Championship from the puppy class, and completed her AKC championship at 24 months of age, a few days after her litter brother.  Lily earned her CD title and her TT at the 2001 ARC National.  She also earned her first ARC carting title (CS) there. 

Lily loved to do agility, obedience and Rally,  and we have found that agility is a great confidence builder for dogs as well as a great way to socialize them.  Lily  passed her Herding Instinct Test (HIT).   She was very sweet and devoted to us.  Her favorite game was "Fetch" and she loved to run and swim in our creek.  She loved to run and explore our woods when we walked our trails or worked in the woods.  She was loyal, devoted, gentle and beautiful.  

Lily has crossed The Rainbow Bridge.


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"Lily"  and owner/handler, Glenn.
DOB: May 31, 1998

Right: Lily lies across my lap while Jewel nurses her pups in the whelping box.  Other 'family' members watch  the babies.  We raise all our pups in a pack/den environment.  We feel this way they all learn their manners, and it is great socialization for them all.  Perhaps this is why we do not have "dog fights" here. 

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                 you see them, now you don't!
Asgard's Fly Boy, CD, RA, TDX,  R2, CI, TT, CGC "Boomer,"  passed his Herding Instinct Test, Temperament Test (ATTS)  and Canine Good Citizen test (CGC).   Boomer earned his second CD leg with a score of 193 1/2 and a tie for fourth in his class.  Boomer earned his TDX (advanced tracking title) at the ARC Nationals in Ohio.  He also earned his Rally 1 and Rally 2 titles, and  his AKC Rally Advanced (RA) title.  Boomer crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 11, 2007.   He is sadly missed by all of his friends and his family.  (3/15/99 - 6/11/07)

Boomer has crossed The Rainbow Bridge.

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Asgard's Free Spirit, CD, TT, CGC ("Jade") is shown (below) earning her Companion Dog obedience title (CD) with her owner Judy.  This photo shows what a CD looks like...note the BIG smile on Judy's face.  Jade is OFA Excellent.   Jade has also passed her TT (temperament test) & CGC . 

Asgard's Free Spirit ("Jade")  then and now at age 12+

Asgard's Funny Girl, CD, CGC, "Fanni," is shown at age 16 mo.    Fanni earned her CD title.  Fanni is the mother of our 'H' litter.    Fanni  crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and is greatly missed by her family (3/15/99/11/3/06)
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Left: Asgard's Gunner, CD, TT, CGC ("Trooper") proudly trained and owned by Bob & Cheryl Dressel.   Gunner and litter sister, Izzy, both celebrated their 9th birthday with us at one of our Asgard Gala Birthday celebrations for brother, Buzz, who turned 13 on 7/21/09.   ('G' litter DOB: 7-20-2000)

ALL of the pups in our 'E', 'F'  & 'G' litters have received OFA Excellent hip evaluations! 

In our 'G' litter (4 pups), Asgard's Gambler (Maverick), Asgard's Gunner (Trooper), Asgard's Goliath (Thor), and  Asgard's Gorgeous Gem (Izzy), have all completed their AKC Companion Dog (CD) titles.  Maverick earned his first AKC Championship points, from the puppy classes and finished his AKC Championship on 4/12/03.  Gunner,  Izzy and Maverick have also passed the ATTS (TT) on 10/20/02 .  Gunner, Thor , Izzy and Maverick have all recently received OFA Excellent hips, and Maverick and Thor also passed their OFA elbow evaluations (they were the only 2 evaluated for elbows as well as for hips).  Their sire, CH Seren's Rough Rider, and mom, Jewel are very proud of their children.  

Group III, AOM, CH Asgard's Gambler , CD, TT, CGC  "Maverick" (7/20/00 - 8/4/09)
Maverick's first time out as a Special (Champion), he won a BOB (Best of Breed) & Group 3 (Working Group) as well as an Award of Merit at the ARC Region 5 Specialty and a BOS (Best Opposite Sex to BOB).  He was awarded an Award of Merit (AOM) at the ARC Regional Specialty in New York.  Maverick was the #2 Rottweiler and #9 Working Group Dog in the United States, according to Front & Finish magazine,  in 2002, in the Novice 'A' obedience division.  Maverick is the sire of our 'I' & 'J' litters.  Maverick crossed The  Rainbow Bridge shortly after his ninth birthday.



Above: Selik (Asgard's In the Mood, CDX, MXJ, NF, CGC, TT, TDI) and Dahlia (Asgard's Hot To Trot, CDX, RN, AX, AXJ, CGC, TT, TDI) pose in the woods.  Below:  Dahlia and owner-trainer-handler, Ellen, completed their AKC Companion Dog (CD) title by placing second in their Novice 'A' obedience class.  They also earned their AKC RN (Rally Novice) title, in January, 2005.  Dahlia earned her first AKC agility title (NA) in October, 2006, and her NAJ (Novice Jumpers) title in January, 2007.  Dahlia has also earned  her CGC and TDI (Therapy Dog International) and TT (American Temperament Test Society) certifications.    Dahlia and Ellen have earned Dahlia's AKC Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title.   Dahlia has recently retired from her agility competition after completing her Agility Excellent (AX) and Excellent Agility Jumpers (AXJ) titles.    Dahlia is OFA Excellent.  
Selik has earned his AKC Companion Dog (CDX) title and has completed his AKC Excellent Jumpers with Weaves title and is now working towards completing his Master Agility Jumpers w/Weaves title. 

Selik and Dahlia both participate in agility and obedience.   Selik and Dahlia also have a movie credit (The Tempest starring Helen Merrin), and Selik had a brief role on an episode of the TV series, Royal Pains. 


Litter brother, Asgard's Hero of Jotunheim, UD, RE, TD, TT ("Auggie"), is owned and trained by Cee Fender, and they earned his CD title before he was two years old, and then they continued to earn his AKC CDX and UD  titles ALL before he was four years old;  and he placed in all three CDX & all three UD classes.
   Auggie has also passed his ATTS/TT test.  He made the ARC Top Ten in Open (CDX) Obedience in 2004.  Auggie competed in his first AKC Tracking Test, April 6, 2008 and  PASSED and earned his AKC-TD (Tracking Dog) title, and just recently earned his Rally Excellent (RE) title.  
Auggie and Cee also volunteer for the Delta Society Pet Partners reading (for children) program.  We are VERY PROUD of Cee and Auggie!

Litter brother "Deuce"   (Asgard's   Hot Rod) has also completed his AKC CD title.  Deuce is OFA Excellent.

Below, litter brother, "Zeus" (Asgard's High and Mighty, CD) also earned his TT the same day as his brother, Auggie.   Zeus is OFA Excellent and Auggie is OFA Fair.  Zeus is pictured with "his" baby, Rylin.   Zeus has recently crossed The Rainbow Bridge and is greatly missed by his family.

       Above: Asgard's Heart and Soul, TT ("Lola")