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This page was last updated: 12/24/2011

Our  'A' litter was born 10/30/92 (Ember x ARC Bronze Sire, CH Seren's Atomahawk of Neshobe, CDX, TDX, SchH III, FH, B, Ztp, RCT, CGC, TDI, V/VX):

This is "Breck," Asgard's All American, CD, PT, TT, CGC.  Breck's dad, "Chopper,"  was one of the most titled Rottweilers that ever lived, and certainly one of my FAVORITE dogs.  Breck  LOVED to play ball, and we called him our "ball-a-holic."   He also enjoyed  visiting school children to help demonstrate in our "Dog Manners" (child-dog safety) Program.  Breck  liked to do his "goofies" (pawing the air with both front feet while he lies on his back or stands up on his hind legs; photo below).  Some of his other tricks included 'singing' and 'speaking'.  He also LOVED to swim and retrieve in the water.  Actually Breck LOVED to play! He had a lot of "drive," which means he was a very active dog.  He was an excellent 'father' to all our puppies and a very loving 'son' to our older male, Linus.  He was a joy to train.  He shared his mother's (Ember's) drive, energy and intelligence.  Breck was AKC pointed and he was the sire of our 'D' litter.

Breck crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 3/4/2002, after a battle with lympho- sarcoma.  He never lost his enthusiasm until his final hours.  He was a once in a lifetime dog to own.    Breck was a joy to train and fun to own.  He had PERSONALITY!!!...and he was very handsome too!

Our 'B' litter was born 5/19/93 (Ember x BIS, BISS, ARC Gold Sire, Select A/C CH Pioneer's DJ Star Stuben, CD, CGC).

This is Asgard's Butch Cassidy, CD, TT when he was a puppy.  This photo shows him preparing to round up his 'doggies'.  To see Butch when he is a little older, and some of his littermates, please visit our 'B' litter page. 


Our 'C' litter was born 9/27/94 (Ember x CH Donnaj-Neshobe Caddo, CDX):

Asgard's Covergirl, VCD 2, RE, PT, AX, AXJ,  JHD, CI, CST, VX, TT, CGC ("Dinky") was a very athletic Rottweiler.  I called her my "Rott-rider," because used to like to jump up on the back of our horse (all by herself), and balance herself for 'her' ride.  She really loved herding, agility and rally.  She always  impressed competitors and spectators with her agility and obedience skills.  Dinky was never bred, in spite of her numerous early wins in the breed ring, because she was missing two pre-molars (a breed disqualification), but she still enjoyed helping to raise all our pups.  She was  very sweet and a lot of fun!   Dinky was in the ARC Top 10 for agility and JWW (Jumpers with Weaves) for three consecutive years.   Dinky earned her AKC UD (Utility Dog, highest level of obedience).   She was the FIRST  Rottweiler to earn the AKC Versatile Companion Dog 2 (tracking, obedience, JWW & agility) in the U.S.  Dinky ENJOYED everything and every event when she competed or participated.  She always had so much fun competing in all the events that she loved.  Even when we did not qualify, we had a LOT of fun trying.  Dinky was a real performer! 

Dinky crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 8, 2007.  She was 12 years old.  She has left an enormous hole in my heart and in my life.   Her life was so full of joy, happiness and energy.  I am so PROUD that she shared her life with me. 

Left:  Breck doing his "goofies."

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