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   (Members of R. A. , Rottweilers Anonymous)

Our 'M Litter
(five females and four males born 11/7/15)Maintaining our heritage and bloodlines
Sire: Working Group 1, GCH, Agresta's Gemstone in the Rough, BN, RN, CGCA
      Dam: Asgard's Katiue, TT

 Asgard's Gunner, CD, TT, CGC CELEBRATED his 14th Birthday on July 20, 2014!!!

Asgard's Katisue, TT (OFA Hips "Good", Elbows, Heart & Eyes Passed); Kiefer (Hips "Excellent", Elbows, Heart & Eyes Passed); Keeper (Hips "Excellent, Elbows Heart & Eyes Passed); Kaboom (Hips "Excellent, Elbows Passed); Kickin' Up Her Heels (Hips "Fair", Elbows Passed)...so far, 3 'Excellent Hips, 1 "Good" and 1 "Fair"....   Katisue, Kiefer, Keeper & Kaboom also in the PennHip 90% ...hips tighter than 90% of all Rottweilers in their data base. 

Ember (Roscoe daughter) Aqua (Ember daughter) Rosie (Roscoe daughter) Peanut (Rosie daughter; Roscoe grand-daughter) Asgard's Kiefer, "Blue" (Roscoe -Peanut) age 11 months; OFA Excellent (hips); Elbows: Normal; Eyes & Heart cleared

"Instead of trying to sell you a dog, a good breeder will evaluate you to see if you're good enough."
"The Rottweiler is a superb pet for exactly the right person and a positive menace to anyone else."- Roger Caras

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Here I am at one of our  Asgard Birthday parties feeding a meatloaf cake to the 'kids' and their guests...and I still have all my fingers. 

Our goal, at
Asgard Rottweilers, is to improve our breed, and to help educate people in understanding what RESPONSIBLE dog ownership means and how to locate RESPONSIBLE dog breeders.  We breed show/conformation quality (AKC breed standard) Rottweilers, which means that the dogs will be physically structured to work and behave as previous Rottweilers have for so many generations.  Rottweilers with correct WORKING (suitable to 'work', play and live with people) temperament and socialization.  If you are looking for a  Rottweiler puppy, and even if you are "only looking for a pet," you should look for a "reputable, responsible breeder" who ONLY breeds Rottweilers that meet the AKC & American Rottweiler Club (ARC) breed standard, who administers the Puppy Personality Test (PPT) to all puppies at age seven (7) weeks/49 days, and who frequently attends National Rottweiler Specialties (breeders dedicated to their breed).  This is the best way to ensure the health and behavior of any family pet.  If a breeder tells you that they are "not breeding show dogs," that means that they are NOT breeding the breed (Rottweiler, Poodle, etc.) but just manufacturing puppies.  It is much MORE important that a family pet have correct temperament and health than even a 'show' dog. 

AKC papers are only the canine equivalent of birth certificates, and AKC papers are NO guarantee of personality, pedigree, or health, and, given the choice of adopting a child fathered by Charles Manson or John Glenn, which would you choose???   "AKC - registered" refers to the American Kennel Club, a registry that depends on breeders to keep accurate, honest records of the sire and dam of each litter and to forward that accurate and honest information to its North Carolina office whenever a litter is born. Thus AKC registration means that the dog is likely to be purebred, but the AKC makes no guarantees as to the parentage, health or temperament of the dog.  Breeders who are careless, particularly those who breed two or more similar breeds, may offer AKC registered puppies but may not actually know whether the pups were sired by Sandy or Brandy. Thus a "Shih Tzu" may turn out to be a Shih Tzu-poodle mix or a Shih Tzu-Yorkshire Terrier mix or a Shih Tzu-anything-else-on-the-premises mix.

**Our contract requires that owners complete 16 weeks of obedience classes (excluding private and/or semi-private lessons, taught by a trainer that has earned MULTIPLE AKC obedience titles), with their puppy, by the time the puppy is 16 months old. We require an AKC Companion Dog (C.D.) title and an AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate (CGC) on all puppies, that we sell, by age 25 months .

Dogs are smart, and if they're not the ones being trained, they'll do the training and train their owner (s).

        We wish to thank Von Diamant Rottweilers
for the great background & graphics she provided for our page.
**This page is updated regularly, so please stop back again soon.**

Great Beginnings Linus and Ember

Ember's 'kids'  (Our 'A', 'B' and 'C' litters)

Our 'C' litter and some great agility photos

 Buzz's page and our 'D' litter

Great additions to our family (more 'family' pictures) 

Our Future  Windrock's She's No Angel, "Rosie"

Thinking of getting a dog? Questions to ask yourself.

Checklist for a Healthy Pet

How to Recognize a Responsible Breeder.

Are you thinking of breeding?

 Breed Selection, one size does not fit all

AKC Gazette carting article featuring Asgard Rottweilers

 Tracking ..."Go Find" a great activity for you and your dog 

Tracking ...Asgard's I'm a Southern Belle, TDX ...pictures of her progress to her TDX title

Asgard Puppy Instructions   (advice on training, care, feeding, where to find dog products, etc.)



AKC's FIRST VCD 2 Rottweiler
Asgard's Covergirl,

Left: Daylily: Asgard's Covergirl
(By: Dr. Don Herr)

These are some of 'our' puppies that live with us and share our hearts, or that we share with their WONDERFUL owners:
Zum Verkauf's Linus, CDX, TT, TDI, CGC (9/19/88 - 11/27/00)
ARC GOLD Producer, Lindenwood Ember v Brimstone, CD, TT, TDI, CGC (6/25/90 - 6/19/02)
Asgard Absolut of Brimstone,
Asgard's Admiral Con-Cora, CD, TT, CGC
Asgard's All American, CD, HT, PT, TT, CGC (AKC pointed)
Asgard's American Legend,
CD, HCT, TT, CGC (1 HT leg)
Asgard's Atasha,
ARC SILVER SIRE, CRC GOLD ACHIEVER, Am./Can. CH Asgard's Banner of Brimstone, A/C CDX, BH, TT, CGC
CH Asgard Bryna von Karmahaus, CD, CGC
Asgard's Butch Cassidy,
ARC SILVER Producer, Majorhausen's Jewel Cascade, TT (4/6/94 - 7/26/06)
         ARC Top 20 '98 & '99, ARC Top 10 2000, Select Am./Can. CH, U-CD, Asgard's Call Girl of Aqua, CD, TT, CGC (9/27/94 - 6/5/05)
Asgard's Centerfold, CD (9/27/94 - 3/15/06)
 ARC Agility Top 10, '98, '99 & 00, ARC #6 Utility Dog as of 8/02, Asgard's Covergirl, VCD 2, UD, RE, PT, AX, AXJ, BH, JHD, CI, CST, TT, CGC, V/VX ...with 3 MXJ legs (9/27/94 - 1/8/07)
Asgard's Dive Bomber, CDX, RE, PT, NAJ, JHD, CI, CST, TT, V (OFA Good) (7/21/96 - 9/22/10)
Asgard's Evening Star,
CD, NA, CGC (OFA Excellent)
  CH Acosta Mobster's Carolina Lily, CD, HIT, TT (5/31/98 - 10/2/09)
Asgard's Fly Boy,
CD, RA, TDX, R2, TT, HIT, CI, CGC (OFA Excellent)
 Asgard's Free Spirit, CD, TT, CGC  (OFA Excellent)
 Asgard's Funny Girl, CD, CGC (OFA Excellent)
#2 Rottweiler, #9 Working Group for 2002 in Novice 'A', Group III, AOM, CH
 Asgard's Gambler, CD, TT, CGC (OFA Excellent)
Asgard's Gorgeous Gem, CD, TT, CGC (OFA Excellent)
Asgard's Goliath, CD (OFA Excellent)
 Asgard's Gunner, CD, TT, CGC (OFA Excellent)
Asgard's Heart and Soul, CGC (OFA Excellent)
Asgard's Heavenly Charlie, CD (OFA Good)
ARC 2004 Obedience Top 10 ... Asgard's Hero of Jotunheim, UD, RE, TD, TT, CGC, TDI & Delta Society Pet Partner (OFA Fair)
Asgard's High and Mighty, CD, TT (OFA Excellent)
Asgard's Hot Rod, CD (OFA Excellent)
 Asgard's Hot to Trot, CDX, RN, AX, AXJ, CGC, TDI, TT (OFA Excellent)

Windrock's She's No Angel, CD, RA, TT, CGC ("Sparkling Rose"...half-sister to Ember) (OFA Good) ...with two RE legs
Asgard's Instant Messenger, CDX, RE, CGC, TT ("Buddy") (OFA: Good)
Asgard's I'm a Southern Belle, CD, RN, TDX, CGC, TT ("Belle") 
Asgard's Irresistible, CGC ("Jade")
 Asgard's I'm the Sundance Kid, TT, CGC ("Blue") (OFA: Good)
 Asgard's In the Mood, CDX, MXJ, NF, CGC, TT, TDI ("Selik") (OFA: Excellent)
Asgard's Investigator, CGC ("Exene")

 ARC 2011 Top 10 for Rally Novice, Asgard's Incredible Journey, CD, RN, CGC, TT ("Nina") (OFA: Good)
Asgard's I'm No Angel, CGC, TT ("Sassy") (OFA: Good)
 New CDX, Asgard's Jasmine, CDX, RE, HIT, TT, CGC ("Cali")
 Asgard's Jetson, CD, RN, TD, TT, CGC ("Jett") (OFA "Excellent" & OFA elbows "Normal")
Asgard's Just a Pretty Face, RN ("Sloopy") (OFA "Fair" & OFA elbows "Normal")
      Asgard's Justice, RN, CGC, TT ("Peanut") (OFA "Excellent"; CHIC # 75368...has passed hips, elbows, heart & eye certifications)

     Asgard's Kona, CGC
Asgard's Kickin' Up Her Heels (OFA Hips: Fair; Elbows: Normal); Asgard's Kaboom (OFA Hips: Excellent); Asgard's Kind of a Big Deal (OFA Hips: Excellent); Asgard's Katisue, TT (OFA Hips: Good; Elbows: Normal); Asgard's Keeper, TT  (OFA Hips: Excellent; Elbows: Normal) and Asgard's Kiefer, TT (OFA Hips: Excellent; Elbows: Normal; Eyes & Heart cleared) ...the babies

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